End of blackouts in the NFL?

Came across this article, interesting.

Pressure to end NFL blackouts mounts

The FCC has posted fan letters on its own website and the vast majority are from Buffalo fans, including Kevin Hanna, who writes: "I'm handicapped and can't go to the Bills games. I can only watch them on TV. As a taxpayer I help pay for the stadium. I should be able to see the games. Please end the blackouts!"

[url=http://www.wivb.com/dpp/sports/bills_and_nfl/pressure-to-end-nfl-blackouts-mounts]http://www.wivb.com/dpp/sports/bills_an ... uts-mounts[/url]

Just a bunch of typical buffalo crybabies .. nothing else .. they want a CFL type of team .. low numbers at the games with a high tv viewership so they can say see we are popular look at everyone watching on tv

One great point is made in the article, as was not made for decades and hidden on purpose from media reporting in the US before something called the internet came around, and one additional point is not made.

Blackouts are at this point unethical and antiquated for these two reasons:

All stadia in the US are taxpayer-subsidised indirectly via government support on game days to include emergency services, transportation, and logistics. Most stadia are also directly subsidised by the public via special taxes and fees. The exceptions to the latter are few.

Anyone like me who wants to watch the game anyway just watches it for free online in even HD.