End of an Era in Regina - - Greg Quick Calls it Quits

To the surprise of no one, Greg Quick is out as the DC/DCF in Regina.

But what an unforgettable season it was - - Quick's scheme of rushing 2 and dropping 12 into a soft zone coverage was legendary. As were his calls for Cover ZERO despite having a secondary and LB corps that was absolutely horrible at tackling.

Maybe he can get a job as a position coach at a no-name high school like Chip Garbage.

Maybe he didn’t want to watch the Egotistic Eskimos, :twisted:
takeover the defunct Saskatchewan Roughriders. :roll:

More like the Quick is savvy enough to see the writing on the wall and leave voluntarily before he was forced out. Looks better on the resume that way.

He should have waited, for the $1,000,000 payout. :cowboy: