Encouraging story about Max Hall

Dallas Cowboys legend Danny White is on the line with a reporter on Wednesday and he's offering some unsolicited advice to Winnipeg Blue Bombers head coach Tim Burke about one of the newest Bombers players, Max Hall.

"If you don't want him to be your starting quarterback," White begins, "then you'd better not ever let him get in a game. Because all he'll do is go down the field and score."

"It might not look pretty, but he'll get it done. That's Max."

That's high praise indeed from a man who played 13 seasons for the Cowboys from 1976-88, winning a Super Bowl in 1978 as the Cowboys punter and backup to legendary QB Roger Staubach before taking over the starting QB job and leading Dallas to three straight NFC Championship games.

So why is a Cowboys legend -- and the iconic club's current radio analyst -- taking such an interest in Winnipeg's quarterback situation?

Well, in addition to being a keen student of the game, White is also the uncle -- and unabashed biggest fan -- of Hall.

And he thinks the solution to the Bombers' never-ending quarterback problems was right before our very eyes on Wednesday as Hall took the field at Investors Group Field for the start of rookie training camp.

"I think he's in a great spot and I think the Blue Bombers are in a great position to capitalize on what Max has learned in this game," said White.

"He can run when he has to run and he's also a lot tougher than he should be. He's one of the toughest players I've ever seen. He just refuses to ever quit or lie down.

"So if that's the style of a Canadian quarterback, that's him. He's certainly got the arm. He's just got to learn the Canadian game -- all that motion and all that. But once he's got that, I think he's the perfect Canadian quarterback."

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On CJOB's Bomber show last night both Bob Irving and Kirk Penton were very positive about Hall. But it's early days.

....Now according to this article on Hall, he's the best thing since sliced bread...I will be seriously disappointed (when and if he gets into the T.O. game) if he doesn't march down the field and put six on the board right from the get-go......Pressure much...lol...I do like his uncles enthusiasm however..IF he's correct on his prediction, I think the east could be in for one helluva year. :thup:

Let him learn, so much to take in the first year. Worst thing to do to a rookie QB in the CFL is to rush the process..

Wow, an unbiased testimonial from an objective third party. :smiley: :wink:

Really liked what I saw from Max at training camp yesterday. Good arm strength, quick release and the ball was on the money all the time (except for 1 crossing route he missed on).