Encouraging outcome in Calgary

I thought Ticats came out slowly but was encouraged by the momentum the team gained as the game progressed. Calgary need a "Hail Mary" 50 yard field goal on the final play of the game to get the win. Johnnt Sears impressed me on our defense.
Also impressive was Matt Coates who filled for Luke Tasker holding for Medlock field goals and recording a touchdown of his own. There were many other areas of encouragement in this game which tell me that on any given day, our Ticats can beat anyone. Of course, they can also be beaten by anyone. It appears that this statement is true for the entire league.
I'm counting on our Ticats to get better as some of our key people return from injuries and as the 2015 season progresses.

Last season I observed that the team started many games slowly before catching momentum. The first quarter of this game appeared to be a blow out for Calgary, but before the half, it was clear that the Cats were definitely in this game.
I would like this team to play well for 60 minutes .

What say you?

I think they can be encouraged by the fact that they are the best team in the league and can run with anyone now. We should see a good win streak now!

:roll: - the best team in the league?? and can "run with anyone" ? with only something like 30 yards rushing? which team are you talking about?

I can't see "a good win streak now" but I think a win streak won't happen until after these couple of road trips when they get back home and players back from injury. It gets no easier next week in Regina.

Matt has been doing an admirable job holding for Medlock with little training, especially since Justin is... somewhat of a perfectionist regarding his holders. However, the only touchdown Matt Coates scored in his CFL career was in the first pre-season game against Ottawa. The Touchdowns scored against Calgary were by Sears, Johnny Jr, (INT return) and Banks, Brandon (punt return).

And slimjim, you are sounding like a broken record again. Off to the trash heap for you!

you mean Winnipeg :lol:

Yeah, there were posituve signs. They almost beat the GC champs and they did it without a running game. Can't wait for the injured to get back. This team will be fine and should win the East. Beating the Stamps is a different matter.

An Argo-Cat fan

Next game is in Winnipeg.

And why couldn't they win there or Montreal?? Saskatchewan is not impossible either??

You're being kind negative!!

Are you angry about something???

You should change your name to Drax, because it is clear that metaphors and such go over your head. You took the "run with anyone" comment literally and not, as intended, to be about being able to play with anyone.

Also, um, we're talking about the Ticats, not Argos. Hamilton plays in Winnipeg next week, Toronto plays in Regina. When you can't get simple facts correct, it really takes away from your opinions.

Right now in my opinion, the Cats are the best team in the league. Period. We're only getting better from here and I gaurantee you no one wants to face us! Bring on the fresh meat!

There were many good signs but I would have liked to see the offense produce more points. While it's exciting to see interceptions turn into touch downs and have Speedy-B return for touch downs I can't help but feel a tiny bit skeptical about our offensive capabilities.

In any case it's only one game and it was a close one nonetheless. So I'll save my finger wagging for later date. It's too early to see any consistencies or inconsistencies.

We are still in a playoff position! :wink:
Funny that 3 non playoff teams from last year all start 1-0