Encouraging loss

In an eighteen game season with only two exhibition games, it's asking a lot for a rebuilding team centred on youth to come out of the gate firing on all cylinders. There were many encouraging signs tonight and without the dumb mental mistakes a victory could have been had.

Exactly, hey co-legend, where's your saviour now?

Thanks for that - I was in the middle of composing a long post about how I saw tonight's game but I'll just second yours instead. :thup:

Some encouraging signs from tonight's game:

-the Ticat offence generated more net yardage than its opponent for the first time this year in a regular season game (434 to 365)

-the quarterback combo of Maas and Chang threw 2 TDs with only one interception (it would be nice to have a 2 to 1 TD to interception ratio throughout the season)

-the quarterbacks seemed to be getting rid of the ball a bit quicker than they did in the first two games

-Talman Gardner (8 catches for 143 yards) had an excellent game

-despite having a tough time in missing three or four passes in traffic tonight, Brock Ralph (4 catches for 101 yards)showed on one occasion that he had the speed to get behind the Alouette defensive coverage to make a catch and pull away from the defenders for the TD

-as mentioned by other posters, the running game was strong tonight

-Nick Setta had a nice 46.5 yard punting average tonight

-Zeke Moreno (9 tackles) and Ryan Glasper (7 tackles, 1 forced fumble and 1 pass knockdown), JoJuan Armour (5 tackles), Jermaine Reid (4 tackles) and Anthony Collier (2 quarterback sacks) had fine games on defence tonight

-the offensive line only allowed one quarterback sack tonight

Yes, some posters have rightly pointed out that penalties, dropped passes, and inconsistency in the defensive secondary continue to hamper the Ticats fortunes on the field and must be corrected. Still, it was nice to see some improvement in many other facets tonight as noted above.

All they need to do now is
Cut down on the Mistakes.
Penalties Hurt us Bad Passes Hurt Us.
On Bright the offence moved the ball Well
The Defence is getting better
Special Teams where Strong…

How many points for a moral victory?

An encouraging loss is a good way to put it. I like your optimism. It's good to be optimistic and realistic at the same time. Hamilton's not going to shock the CFL this season. But finishing with more wins than last year would be nice. *Anything more than that is cake. And I like cake! 8)

Actually, the worst drop of the game was Anderson's because of when and where he did it.....and Jo Jo Walker had a bad one earlier after a great play by Maas to escape the rush.

Anyways, drops are drops and you aren't going to win games with that many of them.

The battle between the two last place teams in the league and we lost I do not find anything encouraging in that game.

-Maas and Chang both showed they can play

-Lumsden was strong whenever he got the ball

-the emergence of Gardner, Ralph and Anderson as starting receivers (I'm not sold on Walker or Curry yet)

-the O-Line picked up a strong Montreal blitz well and opened up nice holes for Lumsden

-a creative offensive gameplan capable of establishing long drives and getting first downs (although not as capable in the red zone)

-giving Corey Holmes the ball a little more (although it still isn't enough)

-an awesome D-Line (Bekasiak and Reid stuffed the run all night, and Collier is a sackmaster). They played well even without McKay, who is our best D-Lineman.

-supurb linebacking (Amrour, Moreno and Glasper are all intense and fun to watch). ***although Mariuz needs some tackling lesson on special teams. He missed an easy tackle that would have pinned Montreal deep and prevented a 40 yard return.

-we took away the Montreal deep ball.

-the game was entertaining, and this young team showed their fans that they can be fun to watch and that they have the ability to win future games.

i agree with all points with exception of the receivers. i'm not sold on any of them just yet. way too many drops and bad route running for my liking.

I was very proud how this team fought back after Chang came in and sparked this team :thup: :rockin:

i don't think any of the qb's are the only problem on this team. take a long look at the receivers. maas played the exact kind of game that taafe likes. ball control. except for the interception in the end zone and a few floaters, not a bad game (not a great game by any stretch). chang although he hit on a long one, was pretty ineffective afterwards. but, again not his fault. look at the receivers.

Encouraging loss my ass. Only a loser would take that approach.

You know, it funny how there are some people who you really don't mind calling you a loser.

I agree that it was a better loss than last week. It seems that there is light at the end of the tunnel if we reduce the number of drop balls and penalties. I think Chang will be a good quarterback but we have to stand behind Maas if he is going to make it as the Ticat starting quarterback.
I've noticed that Chang and Maas don't seem to talk to each other on the sidelines. In most cases the quarterbacks whether they be the second or third string always confer with the offence coach when they come off a play or at least talk to each other. These three quarterbacks are on the same team and they all want to see a win. I think it is healthy to have the quarterbacks sharing their ideas.
From Changs comments over the course of this week it seems to be all about ME.

yeah, i noticed that last night as well. whenever they showed the sideline none of the quarterbacks were talking to each other.

With another Loss I find it very hard to accept defeat no matter how. I don't think that Maas is a starting QB any more since his shoulder/upper arm injury. He tries his best but unfortunatly it isn't enough. As to jumping offside, it seems to be a real problem with Ralph. He runs sandlot patterns and too many times he's dropped passes that could of lead to
Hamilton continuing drives. All in all the Team is missing a real "prime time" Receiver and to set a QB that is your "Number One man and live with that decision.

Steve268 Talman Gardner maybe that Number 1 WR
we have been waiting for
we have to wait a few more games to say he is for shure.
But he looks Promising..