Encouraging loss

Well, I was able to watch the game from down here in Florida on CSS (thanks BYF for the info on the game thread), and from what I saw I was encouraged. Maas actually looked half-decent, making some great runs, some pretty good passes, and Lumsden showing what he's made of.

Maas' interception in the end-zone should not have happened for two reasons - the receiver being nowhere near where the pass ended up, and the fact that he threw it within the boundaries of the field. A FG would have been MUCH more beneficial at that point of the game. IF Maas is to remain our starter, he has to stop trying to force things and win the game on his own.

Chang looks like he should be our starter in BC. There - I said it. That was an absolutely FANTASTIC TD to Ralph. That being said, Ralph continues to shoot himself in the foot by going offsides on the next series. Our players have to make plays. The receivers MUST catch the flippin' ball. There were too many dropped passes. Beveridge is not the answer at Safety. I believe Karikari was playing HB for Cody, who (I believe) is still to hurt to play. Once Tay returns, look for Karikari to go to his natural position at Safety.

We really missed Mckay-Loescher on the D-line. We needed more pressure on Calvillo. The O-line played MUCH better than they did in the last 2 games (from what I saw). Zeke Moreno is starting to remind me of a certain MLB we had back in the 80's - you know, Ben Zambiazi.

We are still taking too many dumb penalties. There is no excuse to go offside when you are a receiver. Hear that Brock? I certainly hope so.

All in all, I am happy with this loss. It certainly looks like they will actually be a competitive football team in the near future.

seemingly, all from ralph

We just might have the nucleus of a future championship team in Chang, Lumsden & Holmes. All we need is an all-star reciever or at least a few really good hands to round things out.

He may be the one who catches a touchdown in overtime !

The Cats are slowly getting the wrinkles ironed out.
By Labour Day I think this team will be very competitive

Get rid of the damn penalites and they will make significant strides forward

Midway thru second half I thought they finally had a go-to guy in Lumsden. As soon as Chang got the ball all he thought of was pass, pass and pass. Like I said before, give him time. He will learn the game and do the right things. He is the REAL DEAL. He has to learn how to play Canadian football.

i will agree with the encouraging loss to a certain degree. jason did look good,not outstanding but better
than the past 2,its a start.great toss to gardner,who i said was a tool in his own right,i'll take that back temporarily. however, STUPID penalties,you'd swear it was the little general behind the bench cause the guys had no discipline last year either.
brock ralph is a trainwreck,he could have turned up field on that one crossing route but decided i guess
that it was freezing outside and thought his helmet would crack if he got hit.i don't know, what else can explain his eggpants. that's it,we'll call him eggpants from now on! back to the loss- i don't think chang looked any better than jason tonight-3rd and whatever in the last drive,his guy was open but HE,
like another qb you like to bash on a consistent basis,
didn't make the throw. he had curry also open but again...nuff said-jason starts @b.c. oh yeah, just a reminder,we needed this one cause at 0-3,and fighting an uphill battle the next 4 weeks in the likes of @b.c.,@wpg,vs wpg and @edm, you find me a win.

you're on the right track though,keep fighting the good fight!

I think I saw light at the end of the tunnel tonight for Hamilton. That is a game they could have easily won. But penalties and bad passes did them in again.
Timmy Chang showed a glimpse of what he can become with the TD pass, but then showed his rookie side late in the game.
Charlie and his staff must be wondering what to do with Jason Maas, they need his veteran leadership but his arm is shot. What to do, bite the bullet and throw Chang to the wolves or keep starting Maas and then bring Chang in later?
Positives; Peter Dyakowski looks ready to start at RG, Lumsden and Holmes and Gardiner showed they will be effective, if the QB situation improves. The defense played well.
I feel for Jason Maas, he should be at the peak of his career, but his arm is done for throwing at the pro level. No zip on the ball and poor accurracy cost him again tonight. I think Hamilton got trade damaged goods.
Next game won't be any easier going into Vancouver, but IMO Hamilton played their best game of the year tonight. It's a start.

Pretty good assessment doubleblue

Remember we looked half decent against a not so great Montreal team. Calgary looked great against us and look at how they have done in there last 2 games.

Which basically means you have to contextualize CFL games by what your opposition actually does against you and not by their reputation or other performances.

I got that by about the age of thirteen.

Oski Wee Wee,

Throw Chang in to the wolves. He'll survive.

So ya an encouraging loss........another encouraging loss

So if you hate the team don't watch and stay off the boards as well as out of the stadium. Your money will be missed but you attituce won't. We all knew this season would be another disaster but there is finally a football man in charge so we believe things will improve throughout the season.

Argoconvert is God!

by about the 18th loss, will it still be encouraging?
There was about 1 quarter's worth of good football, and then they pissed it all away with another kick in the junk penalty. Long way to go yet.

The first 2 losses were not encouraging.. this one was though.

You forgot to bow

I dont have the answers either, but the 3 year plan is over and we are still here. Frustrating to say the least.

Discouraging loss, but some encouraging talent tonite.