Encore for Robbie the Tiger?.....what do you think?

Personally I think Robbie has to come back for the Labour Day Game at least...maybe let him romp around the Argo's locker room at half time too?....unleashed


By all means, bring Robbie back.

In this weird world, who really knows what is 'the magic charm'?

I'm not superstitious, but if it worked once, why not?

Between Robbie, and mikey's coin under the turf, who knows?

And, if it doesn't work, we can move on to something else.

Just to clarify, I don't have a clue if perhaps the Ticats decision makers are already thinking of bringing Robbie back.....if they are I'm sure they already thought of this yesterday or last night given the success of this cool idea....that was really neat seeing a 500 pound Tiger strolling through the locker room.....just as it should be!....in fact that Tiger can stroll anywhere it pleases right?

....I see the score is 7-0 in favour of Robbie .. :wink:

Mikey for Once we Agree Bring Back Robbie..

keep the votes coming

11-0 now :smiley:

bring robbie back and then we can also bring in bubbles for a game.

What we need is Robbie back for Labour Day, gnawing on the head of an Argo effigy that is filled with his favourite snack... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

My Idea (C) me, August 2007.

If not, a T.C. ATV Argo effigy runover retrospective would suffice. :wink:

Oski Wheeeeeeeeeeeee,

it would be some serious payback for this Russ!


Okay, this REALLY means war now! LOL


Oski Wee Lair,

Ohhhhhhh, that's not the half of it!....

check this out from 2002


and this!


It's War!! :twisted:

Bring him back....every game.

Not for luck, but because it's cool to have a real tiger at a Tiger Cat game.

The Dolphins have a....

The Broncos have a...

We, should have a tiger.

Definately needed for Toronto....dragging an Argo dummy or some video of him tearing up an Argo uniform

if someone votes no than he or she should be banned for life from this forum lol.

we know a couple regulars on this forum that probably will.

lol that last video made me laugh when the guy got hit in the balls

would have been even funnier if it was a ti-cat ball hitting an argo fan in the balls

and here's my idea for labour day

get a life size dummy and dress it up in an argo jersey and let ''robbie'' rip him apart

and instead of going out to mid-field and hitting the turf with the hammer.....lets go to the argos bench and hit mike o'shea :lol:

Anyone know what happened to Robbie after the game?

My son went to the Bowmanville zoo this afternoon to see the now-famous Robbie, the Cat that helped the Cats do the unthinkable. He was not there.

Maybe a night on the town with the guys was a little bit much for Robbie.

Night on the Tigertown, A Subway Dinner Theatre Exclusive to ticats.ca


Overheard along Barton Street:

Bill: Jane, have you seen Fifi? I let her out for a pee ten minutes ago and she's gone...

Jane: No honey...ohmigod there's a tiger in the back alley!!!

Bill: I SEE IT!


Jon: And you thought the Taco Bell drivethrough was bad!

:D :D :D

** PETA Beatdown Disclaimer: No animals were actually hurt in this production. Okay, an imaginary chihuahua, which really is a souped-up rodent. Okay, we're sorry. It could have been worse...Scott Norwood could have Wide Righted it instead :wink: **

Aye of the tiger,

Actually, Robbie IS a big pussycat and seems completely at peace. Good on his handler(s)...having a tiger like that is great for kids to see live!

My apologies to chihuahua owners as well. LOL

Not sure about what actually happened with Robbie the day after the night before, but I'm sure he had to rest after the swelter down at field level. Even a jungle cat needs some downtime after that.

Oski Wee Wee,

I'd love to see the Tiger back, like I was saying in Bob's "lucky charm" topic. I really think they should either bring the Tiger back physically, or bring him back on the scoreboard when he isn't there phyiscally. :thup:

The problem with bringing a Tiger to a game all the time, is that I think you can't do a jet flyover or fireworks or other things if you do. I would imagine that amount of noise would scare the poor thing? :frowning:

One suggestoin, is it possible to safely colour and shape his food into the shape of an argonaut player? That would be nice, to have a video of him eating an argonaut, or even the argonaut symbol. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the virtual appearance on the Tigervision in lieu of the actual cat is a great idea.

It depends obviously on what the cat's threshhold to travel is and what negotiated understandings can be made. If it were a one-off, it was a great one!

Oski Wee Wee,