Enacted Emergency Order

Ontario allows pro-sports teams to practice in small groups. TSN 5 hours ago

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Small groups being .......? Five or less is pointless, 50 or less would be ideal.

This is just the number of athletes allowed in practice facilities, I believe. It's a first step. Let's see where infection rates are in a month's time after more and more things are opening up.


Don't get excited people, it's only one Province. My guess is that Ford has been heavily pressured by MLSE and Rogers for the Laffs, Raptors, Jays, TFC, and blew team - with the last two being the lowest priority.

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he Commissioner of the Canadian Football League has admitted that cancelling the season this year is the most likely scenario.

On Thursday night, Commissioner Randy Ambrosie spoke before a House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance. The CFL is requesting up to $150 million in federal financial help.

From all reports Randy sure came unprepared in his quest for Federal money.
Do your homework and listen to advice instead of thinking you are smarter and better than other people.
He sure did not make any new friends on Parliament Hill.

Just curious, but does any corporation or business approaching a government for financial assistance take a delegation of employees with it? Isn't typically the CEO or maybe a delegation of board members? Serious question, I really don't know the protocols.

Secondly, why would the employees not want their employer to survive, including survival with the assistance of government support if necessary? Lastly, don't forget that the CFL has to deal with not only the federal government, but also 6 provincial and 9 municipal governments, with various separate and over-lapping responsibilities. A can of worms.

Did you see the presentation?

To begin with Randy should have had a business plan. He was unable to answer questions of where the Federal money was going as well as not having CFLPA support.
Completely unprepared.

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Well it seems logical to me if he was unprepared he wouldn't think he was "smarter or better than other people". I think anyone who has actually seen the video would surmise that much.