Emry, Seagraves out; Guzman, Bourke in

As per Herb Z.

Emry: hamstring
Seagraves: foot

Also, Lambert and Proulx could be back against Calgary on Oct. 12.

Excellent news all around. The more I see Guzman play, the more I like him. It's tough to lose Shea, but with Guzman, I doubt we'll miss a beat. Bourke is clearly superior to Seagraves and his return should make it easier for us to run the ball to the left.

Sorry on this but the thing people are missing is since the change with Paul Lambert IMO Lambert was exposed badly when Bourke was no longer there, Brodeur Jourdain has replaced him for the better IMO. Seagraves as a good tackle, but Bourke is hard to replace.

I just hope Bourke is not rushing his return...

I could go either way on it. Lambert is at the end of his career, and his time is almost up. In the offseason, I wouldn't mind seeing Brodeur-Jourdain take that spot on a regular basis. But right now, I'd prefer some experience at left guard.

I disagree Lambert has been the weakest point on that o line, 2 years running IMO.

Interesting. I must admit that I haven't followed Lambert too closely because our O-line is generally so effective at their collective job. If what you say is true, we're in a good position to replace Lambert, with Brodeur-Jourdain showing his stuff this season and more Canadian talent waiting in the wings.

I could be wrong, but that is my opnion, the O line has been great but Lambert IMO has allways been the weak point of that line. I could see him go center once Chiu retires he did better there in the past.

I would not. We have guys like Woodruff who's signed to a four year six figure deal who hasn't seen the field. I would rather see Jourdain take over from Chiu and Woodruff take Lambert's spot. Lambert is a very reliable and versatile NI Olinesman but he is close to Chiu's age and even now Chiu is a better athlete than Lambert.