Emry extends for two more years


Nice work, Jim. Didn't realize Shea was still so young. Only 25 years old and already has two years of starting MLB experience under his belt. He should only get better with age! :thup:

Guess you're done saying what a lousy MLB he is
Bout time!

I never said he was a lousy MLB. Don't put words in my mouth. I wasn't happy with his 2010 performance. That said, a whole lot of players on defense took turns being awful last year, but they manned up in the playoffs when it counted.

This is big. With a NI player of that calibre there is always the chance that he can be swayed to playing in his home town. Great to see him happy in montreal.

Yes D+P, you sure were not happy with Emery's play for a time last year. I also recall that at one time you were also unhappy with the play of Cox! All of us change our opinions of different players and, these changes are discussed in an amiable manner in this forum!!!

Exactly. Times change, players change. I liked Emry's performance in 2009, not so much in 2010. I disliked Cox as a DB, mainly because he wasn't and isn't a particularly good cover guy, but he turned out to be a revelation at SAM linebacker.

You can be critical of a player's performcance without disliking a guy and for Senior to start this after all the name calling of players "Deondra Fumblecobbitis" or whatever it was and there were many more is kind of pointless. Things are smooth here right now since you've toned down the finger pointing and the little psycho has disappeared. Why not keep it this way :wink:

Last season teams were completely unable to run up the middle on the Als in fact some teams go in now nowing they don't have a prayer so Shea can spend an entire game in chase mode out of the box and it makes it look worse than it is. The number one stat when you look at a MLB is how much success does your opposition has running the ball up the middle and the answer in Shea's case is glaring.

Emry split some time with Guzman on certain downs, so you can't attribute the opposition's lack of a ground game up the middle entirely to him. Also, a MLB has to do more than plug up the hole on running downs. He's also the primary cover guy on the running back on passing downs. That's where Shea struggled last season. Too often he guessed wrong and wound up out of position as the enemy running back took a swing pass and ripped off a huge gain. Or he'd simply neglect his coverage responsibility through biting on play action (Parenteau's Grey Cup TD came off a blown Emry coverage IIRC). Shea's a good young player, and I'm happy he's with us, but he still needs to improve in certain areas.

Emry est déjà considéré comme un des très bons secondeurs de cette ligue et il n'a que 25 ans. La saison dernière, notre équipe nous a donné amplement de quoi être critiques de ses parties, mais il demeure qu'elle a progressé tout au long de la saison. Les parties d'après-saison se sont révélées son point culminant où elle avait enfin retrouvé toute son excellence. Si Emry a raté des jeux, il en a aussi réussi quantité de bons, notamment cette interception contre Toronto qui a cassé les reins à l'adversaire en finale de l'Est.

Nous avons un bon groupe de secondeurs, qui sont sous-estimés dans le reste de la ligue. La rotation de Cox, Emry, Ferri et Guzman donne de bons résultats.

Soyons critiques, mais aussi ouverts aux bons coups.

Je considère la signature de Emry comme une très bonne nouvelle, et à 25 ans, il peut encore s'améliorer.





Just a cursory search through past posts
I wasn't putting words in your mouth
What you were sensing there was something altogether "foot-ier"


Hfx and D+P: I am a great fan of Emry. I bet there were 4-5 teams that regretted not picking him as their number 1 pick! I found both of your comments very interesting as, last season I noted that Emery was alone in the middle at times. He seemed to be out of the play looking for something to do. I remember thinking "whats he doing all there alone ". The comments that he sometimes "guesses wrong " now helps me understand what happened ( he was alone because he guessed wrong ). This is ok with me as we all guess wrong at times. Emery guesses right most of the times and, he is a big hitter- a substantial force in the defensive middle who can really shake up the receiver he devours!!!

His signing has been confirmed by Jim Popp/the Als; it's 2 years +option year. Great!