Empty Seats

People that left with a few minutes to go could still see the game on the big screen from outside the stadium. They also beat the rush out of the stadium that most of us that stay to the end endure.

I like what they did in Ottawa. They mixed seat colours in the stands so any empty seats wouldn't be so obvious. So far attendance hasn't been an issue. It's a fact that many people leave to wander the concourses on the new south side. The atmosphere is electric and they can still see the game, but I can imagine how with the same seat colours the stands themselves might look somewhat sparsely filled as a result, even though the house is sold out.

I don't notice the same happening on the old north side, where you can't go far without missing the game. More bums in seats there, I think (an observation southsiders might prefer to interpret their own way).

True - but the point is (and I've witnessed it at the Labour Day game) people don't just leave the stadium with 3-5 minutes left and stand out on Cannon Street watching the video board. They are LONG GONE before the game is ever decided. I was in the last row of Section 217 that game and therefore could see both east and west along Cannon and below me on Balsam and thousands were likely a block or two away from the stadium before the game was decided.

That just baffles me - getting home 10 minutes earlier being more important to them than seeing the most important - and often most exciting - part of a game. I just find it weird.

Hey Travel. It's not a rare phenomenon to Hamilton alone so who cares why! Even york beloved Blew Jays fans are guilty of such.

PS. The seats where empty on both sides as soon as the ran started coming down before halftime

It's out of anyone's control so why whine about it. Esp after a win.