Empty Seats

I've watched several games now from THF, and I understand there might be some confusion resulting from sections still not open, etc. But on television, I'm a bit baffled as to why so many seats seem to be empty in the stands that are open. It's quite noticeable. Are they really empty? Are people congregating in concourses? Near the end of tonight's game against the Eskimos, which went down to the wire, even more seats were empty. What's going on?

A complete aside. My wife asked me tonight who won the game. I told her, "The Camel Town Tiger-Hats." That's been a family joke for years, after one of my kids heard me talking about a game.

Go Tiger-Hats!


I understand it was sold out. As for the empty seats...

  1. People socializing by the concessions.
  2. Rain storm.

Can’t believe I’m going to say this. Well let me start with we just beat EDM and you post about this! Honestly this board kills me at times.

Anyways, I was saying this at the game tonight. They’ve made the stadium to nice no one wants to stay in their seats anymore. With Ivor Wynne you stayed planted for fear of catching something on the concourse lol.

Sorry, I think you misunderstood. I am all over the win tonight. That was awesome. I am just wondering why so many seats seem to be empty. If it's because the stadium is so incredibly amazing and people want (and can) mingle, that's good. It just looks a bit odd and surprising watching on television.

Dude, I'm a fan.

Can you Explain the Camel Town Tiger Hats please. I'm curious.

My guess is that it is a mispronunciation of Hamilton (Camel Town) Tiger-Cats (Hats instead of Cats). The important thing is that THEY WON!!!

I just got in the door from the game,and as for the question of empty seats I was in 214 row 29 and there was maybe only 10-20 empty seats around where we sat,the section was packed and like someone else already mentioned I think that with the stadium being new a lot of fans are on the concourse or in the party zone or just plain exploring the new digs.For those that haven't been yet there is no comparison to Ivor Wynne where it was a pretty basic layout,this stadium has lots of nooks and crannies and I think that people are just having a feeling out process until everyone gets accustomed to what is where at THF.
Believe me the place was rocking and I simply can't wait until the West side gets opened up completely and we have 6,000 more fans in the place and it's at capacity.

Exactly, on both counts.

Fans leaving before the game is over - crazy. Especially last night, a nail-biter finish (again). I don't get it.

I went through the east concourse just after the rain in the 2nd quarter, and was surprised by how many people were watching the game from there. It was 5-10 deep along the whole length of the stands. That is a lot of people, and it was only on one side.

It is totally cool that you can be hanging out in the concourse and not miss a play. A lot of people seem to be taking advantage of that.

I was watching the game on ESPN and the stadium looked great and for 18K, it was loud, I can only imagine how loud it will be at full capacity hosting the eastern final :smiley: Obviously the Cats are loving the new stadium! We're undefeated at THF.

If you looked closely you could see many people watching from the concourse in between the two levels. That is the reason for the importance of having these open areas with great views of the playing field.
From experience in such a new stadium I have and I have seen this at Citizens Bank Park home of the Phila Phillies. Ashburn Alley (named after Philly player/broadcast great) a big open area in the outfield that overlooks the playing field and has speciality concession stands of Philly Cheasesteak, Pretzels, etc. Always people standing there overlooking the field. I myself have been to games where I never once went to my seat.
It is just something that people really enjoy able to see games from different locations. Opposed to just your seat and going to concessions or washrooms in the older stadiums where you are completely cut off from the game and maybe being able to see the action on TV monitors and/or hear the radio broadcast.
Congrats to TiCat fans you will love this new stadium set up.

with a 9 point lead and the way the defence was playing the odds of losing was really low .thats probably why poeple left and to try and beat the traffic and also so they can sit in a seat on the express bus

After reading this post maybe The Tiger Cats can sell standing room only tickets on Big Games.

I think a few things come into play.
1 - yes a fair number of people are watching from the patios and concourses. something you could not do at Ivor Wynne
2 - with an all seat stadium it is more obvious the empty seats compared to bench seating where when people are not in their seats or leave during the game - the other fans spread out a bit so the empty spots are not nearly as obvious.
3 - some casual fans either do not show-up or do leave early no matter what the game situation is. I'll never understand it - because to me when the game is in doubt it would be like leaving a movie with 5 minutes left before you know the ending. But there are thousands of people that do it at any game I've gone to in every sport. I'll never understand their thinking because often they miss the best part - or climax of a game - but it happens. Why getting home 10-15 minutes earlier is more important than seeing the best and most exciting part of a game - is beyond me.

I had heard that is part of the plan but nothing oficial on that front. Likely though makes sense and the stadium is built to accomodate selling Standing room only. I have seen it in other places with the open set up. A sell out on hand SRO tickets announcements range from a few days before the game, the day before the game, and in some cases announced the day of the game a few hours before kick off.
When it happens they go like hot cakes. I would suspect the same would happen in Hamilton. A franchise with a rich history and loyal fan base

No one here knows why they leave so harping on it is pointless. They could have kids that go to bed early. They may even have plans. Heck leaving early is safe there's a lot of drinking going on and they are all not walking home.

Who cares what other people do!

If you say it out loud it's pretty funny and you can see how a little kid would miss-hear you - "Camel Town Tiger Hats".

Lots of people wandering around the stadium, lots who didn't bring rain gear and plenty with small kids in tow. I'll never understand people who leave with two minutes left in a close game, but plenty do.

A great night for football!

Hey Ryan - I don't care what they do. I just agree with those who watched on TV last night and it seemed weird to see so many empty seats in the east stands in the last 3-4 minutes of what was a game I would not think of turning away from until the final whistle. I was on the edge of my ottoman for the last few minutes - couldn't even stand sitting back on my couch. lol

I think I understand people who don't like sports more than those who claim to like them and who go to some games but have probably never ever witnessed the end of a game. I really don't get their thinking because to me it is like walking out of a movie or live theatre performance before it is over to 'beat the crowd' or get home 10 minutes earlier to be sure the kids are in bed???' That just doesn't happen.

Or if you were watching the game at home on TV last night or in a sports bar - would you have turned it off with 3 minutes left or walked out of the sports bar when the Cats were up by 1 with three minutes to go? NOBODY would - It doesn't happen at those things. So I don't understand people who do it at sporting events live and do it all the time. I don't worry about it - but I do wonder about it - and have many times over the years.

And to this day I can say it is like the Caramilk secret. It is something that has me totally baffled and stumped. :?