Empty Seats in Toronto!!!

If there is 5000 people at BMO tonight I'd be shocked...

That is a major issue. The attendance is not bad it's horrendous. Even as a TC sth I am concerned for the league as a whole.

It very much has potential to affect everything from sponsorship to the much hoped for expansion. Hard to push viability in Halifax when your largest city cannot draw at least 20,000 which would still be bad let alone under 10 000.

Very sad,


What does Toronto have to do with Halifax?

They should try wherever it is the York 9 wil play out of. The Argos get swallowed up in toronto, but I think going to one of the suburbs would allow that community to rally around the team as their own identity.

The other option is let them go, relocate them to Halifax. And bring them back after 5-10 years.

Maybe toronto needs to miss them before they'll apprciate them like the expos and Montreal.

What are all the people who blamed the attendance issues on Rogers or the Stadium gonna blame it on now?
Saw this thread flipped on espn and yes it is sparse in them stands.

Yup. It looks bad at BMO tonight....and has since the season began.
If this situation continues through September, I'd say the Argo's will be in serious trouble.
A few wins might help in the meantime.

Bell said they were in it for the long haul. This will test them.

I think the issues in Montreal and Vancouver can be straightened out by simply winning some games. I think we may have to admit that Toronto is a lost cause. This a team that won the Grey Cup last year and still couldn't get many out for their season opener...

And, maybe moving them out of TO to Halifax is a good idea...Because this is simply embarrassing..

Especially when they are your monopoly holder for TV rights . It will last as long as they have some skin in the game . Not a good position for negotiating when they are dipping into both areas with the poor results so far .

With many national headquarters for corporations in Toronto this situation is amplified ten fold .

Just hope they turn it around soon enough .

Official attendance: 11,857

And they were rewarded with an absolute classic "it ain't over till it's over" only in the CFL type win.

And even then, many fans left early.

Really pathetic.

You have to wonder when you can count the people in the stand facing the the camera if that number is correct .

Maybe paid attendance tonight or tickets distributed but there in person no way .

You have to feel for the Argo fans. Must be a lonely feeling. At least we have a large community amongst ticat fans. Maybe we should be nicer to the Argo supporters?

There are two Ticats @ Argos games this year... lets pack the house and help them out.

I went (gf got tix from work) and it was pretty fun, I think they can rebuild given time. It definitely doesn't sound quiet in there.

Perplexing how a city of nearly 3 million can't bring in 25,000 fans to support it's pro football team. I heard it might be a demographics problem with all the immigrants not knowing or understanding the game of football. But that doesn't seem to affect the Jays or Leafs attendance. Even if Toronto thinks it's big league and only cares about NFL, with a population that high you would think that there would be enough CFL traditionalists to help the Argos thrive. Nobody seems to know how to make Torontonians care about the CFL.

The four headless chicken race we call the Eastern division that is going on what 40 years of ineptness is killing this league with a playoff system that rewards the best headless chicken year after year .

Make the regular season actually mean something would be a huge step in the right direction .

I would say the 1981 season the beginning of the flight to oblivion . Its patient zero .

Not sure why I am the only guy who sees it but it hurt the CFL especially in the east.

A 5 =11 team beat a terrible 3 -13 team in a get this a playoff game . Say it isn't so white sox has nothing on this .

Then that chicken beat the chicken hawk beaters Ti Cats 11-4-1 team .

Then the headless chicken almost beat the powerhouse dynasty Esks .

The CFL has never learned this was bad for the league and when you don't learn basic competitive nature of your league your selling eventually people don't buy in anymore .

Exhibit A the Grey Cup champs Argos . Its just too easy to be this bad and win the prize .

I think you're right Hank. Based on the humiliation of the 1981 playoffs, I predict the league will have five more years of survival from that point, or maybe 10 years, tops. There will be no more CFL by 1991.

Well folding four teams . The rough riders , renegades , the Alouettes , the concordes , the ti cats almost several times but saved by the bell and the league ,
having one guy own two teams at once , that argo team almost dying twice owned by the league once and now you get one side of a stadium empty and I mean empty .

The only reason the CFL exists in the east is it has been saved by private money thru philanthropy . Nobody is in it to make a buck .

If the league did not save the Cats and Argos in 2004 it dies just like the Als and Rough Riders before them .

Patient zero is 1981 .

If you don't learn from you mistakes your doomed for failure .

Congrats Argos on big win.
Didn't see much but judging by score and outcome can only assume you had good field position to begin posessions.