Empty Seats at Tim Horton's Field

Couple of troubling observations over the weekend.

I hope that the Tabby’s performance against the Als is not indicative of how their contest against the Lions will unfold. Tough to see a team that had so much promise a month ago, take a nose dive like this. I still find it hard to believe that the loss of one player (Banks) no matter how talented he is, can have such a profound impact on the team’s success rate.

Also noticed a sea of empty seats at Tim Horton’s Field. What happened? Where is the fan support? Not like the weather was awful.

Meaningless game both on and off the field.

Ti-Cats are locked into 2nd either way, so I would think there would lots of no shows and the team wouldn’t push the gas too hard.

I would think this is a common occurrence in lots of sports

Maybe if they actually had to win yesterday instead of making it a meaningless game with the current playoff system they might of had a better turn out .

Exhibition games don’t get people out to watch ; you need a competitive game that means something to get people out to watch .

Not sure why the CFL shoots itself in the foot year after year .

Just out of curiosity…how many games did you attend this year?

Meaningless game, lousy weather and the team has lost a bunch in a row.

There was a ton of enthusiasm for the Ticats (even one of the players mentioned it) until the last quarter of the season. They really the bed.

And, yes, having a final weekend (AGAIN) that meant nothing was a shame.

That’s a fair question.

Answer: one

Caveat: I don’t live in a city with a CFL team. I live in a remote part of the country. For me to get to a game involves expensive travel costs that can be upwards of a thousand dollars (airfare, hotel, taxi etc.). I try to get to one or two games per year and would like to get to more, but there is that niggling business of food, house payments, utilities and other living expenses…

You will have to take my word for it that if I did live in a city with a CFL team (preferably Ottawa), I would have season tickets and support the league.

I will, however, be attending the Grey Cup.

Do I get a pass?

That’s fine…You would be amazed at how many people complain about poor attendance yet they never attend a game…and they live in CFL cities

And if you are wondering…I went to 13 games this year

I’ve got season tickets and stayed home. Meaningless game, and the second of three consecutive home games. Was there in the rain last week against Ottawa, and will be there next week for the playoffs. I know several other season ticket holders that also skipped last nights game.

TD place looked pretty empty Friday evening. Yes there was some light rain, but there is an over hang above half the stadium.

Banks is one player, so is Saunders, Chambers, Tolliver, Williams (I think I may have missed a couple).

That’s five just at reciever.

Where would Ottawa be if Ellingson, Sinopolli or both got hurt?

And don’t forget, against Montreal, Masoli, Tasker, Lawrence, and a bunch of others sat out as well. That was one reason for the loss, and one reason for the poor attendance. A lot of season ticket holders didn’t go, but the team still got the money.
Don’t worry, when we dispatch the Lions and show up to play your redblacks, those guys will be back, looking to get even for beating our team three times this year. No Banks, Saunders, Williams, or Chambers (Jones says Tolliver may be able to play) but Sinkfield and McDaniel are getting the hang of the offence, and Mike Jones has turned into a reliable deep threat.

If both got hurt, it would be dodgy but I think they have enough depth to make it work. That being said, as we all saw this past season, the Redblacks were as inconsistent as a team could be and in spite of the talent they have on the team. Losing to both the Als and the Argos was a case in point.

Anyhow, my comment with respect to Banks' injury was more in response to the TSN talking heads who have been going on about it and attributing the Tabbys poor showing to his absence. My contention is that the Tabbys have a lot of talent on that team and that one less player -- even an outstanding one like Banks -- should not make that big a difference.

Ok bud. So we’ll see you all on the field November 18th.

It would be appreciated if you would bring along some travel treats for the Redblacks’ trip to Edmonton the following week. :wink:

Ottawa played a meaningless game and they had fans in seats…he’s got a valid point

You need to play 16 games

They had tons of empty seats in Ottawa! At least that’s how it looked on tv.

Considering it was a glorified exhibition game, and it was a cool wet evening, I was surprised by how many showed up at the Ottawa game. I was there. There were obviously a lot of no shows but it appeared that the game was close to sold out. There were no large areas where nobody was sitting.

Hey ro1313. I was not gonna ask because I figured you for a die hard. Yes a lot of folks complain and don’t attend. I am envious of those who live in a place where they can attend ball games on a regular basis.

How is this the CFL’S fault? Teams have to finish their season. They can’t just cancel regular season games because they don’t mean any thing. If the NFL did that a lot of NFL teams would have to cancel at least half of their regular season games. Example : The BILLS are 2 and 7 they are already almost out of play off contention. I don’t think that their season tickets holders would be very happy about that.

So ro1313 went to 13 games this year ? Coincidence or maybe explanation for his online name or the fact that he isn't a superstitious type of a guy ? 8) ;D

..........or maybe it might just have something to do with this guy ? :slight_smile: