Empty seats aren't limited to one or two markets

I saw empty seats in Regina last weekend. I was surprised, but reading this article makes sense.

And Sask is relatively cheap to live in. I left BC a while ago and costs there are through the roof in comparison. And TO is just as crazy. People gotta eat, and I can totally see going to a game being a luxury that more and more people pass on. Tough to blame them.

That’s what we’ve been trying to tell you guys. ;D High cost of living is one thing. But wages in Greater Vancouver aren’t commensurate with the high cost of goods and services. Yes, there is a lot of money here but it’s not a “head office” town and the people that are apt to attend CFL games are likely the most affected.

Anyway, hardly any reason to push the panic button in Regina. Much ado about nothing as far as I can tell. 29,000 on a cold Fall day is something most teams would kill for.

Oh, I agree with you. 29k is great.

More the point I was trying to make(which I think you grasped, I’m just elaborating to hear my own typing) is that everybody (ok, a lot of bodies) are crucifying fans in the 3 large markets for not coming out to games. If people in a relatively affordable area are feeling the pinch, then fans in expensive markets must be getting squeezed beyond belief. Something’s gotta give, and I can’t fault someone for buying braces or food or clothes instead of football tickets. No amount of promotion or advertising will change that decision. And so it shouldn’t.

I don’t know the solution, but I don’t think the problem is lack of interest… I think its lack of funds.

BTW… wage and cost comparison…

Avg house price where I used to live in Kelowna BC… just under 700k. Vancouver is more.
Avg house price where I live now in Sask… about 130k.

Bodyman/painter wages…
BC… started as an apprentice at $16 per hr, head painter $22/hr
Sask, apprentice starts at $28, head painter at the shop I worked $40/hr.
No, I did not get those backwards

In Toronto, it’s definitely lack of interest.

Um, the average house in Regina was 303K in 2018. I know you mentioned Sask as a whole, but even then the median house price is 272K. Just a correction.

My biggest problem is ticket master resale. HUGE Ripoff.

On the plus side, just get pilzone tics when you can. Hard to beat 33 bucks, and you can really watch the game from anywhere on the concourse, or there are almost always some empty seats if you really want to sit.

It’s actually the same problem with all live entertainment these days. The cost of attending live events has exploded in the last fifty years, and no, it’s not just due to the effects of inflation.

The price of the most expensive concert ticket to see a top band such as the Rolling Stones was barely higher than the price of one of their LPs in 1966. Fans and music critics condemned the Stones for gouging in 1969 when ticket prices for their U.S. tour ranged from $3.00 to $8.00! Compare CD prices today to the price of a ticket to see the Stones live.

The price of a ticket to the 1967 Super Bowl ranged from $6.00 to $12.00. For the 2020 game the face value ranges from around $1000 to upwards of $5000.

The face value of this year’s Grey Cup tickets from $119 to $419 (in comparison with $99 to $325 last year) dwarfs those of 1969.

A major factor behind these increases has been that athletes’ (and other entertainers’) pay has skyrocketed in the last fifty years. I’ll leave the explanation of this phenomenon to learned sociologists. Suffice it to say though that at some certain point more and more potential spectators just start saying “No!”.


I’m not in Regina, nor do I know the wages for the trade I used for comparison there.

I used housing prices in the specific town I live in (5000 people), along with wages, because these are the numbers I know.
Where I currently live, $303k would be on the extreme upper end of the scale.
And no, I would never consider moving back to BC for a very large number of reasons

Sorry you feel that way.

I couldn’t imagine living in any other province. I love to visit, but to live? Nah. To each their own I guess. ;D