Empty Seats, Ambrosie. Empty Seats

...and not just a few. This guy has to go. I understand that it's a Toronto team but it all lies on Ambrosie's shoulders. We need a businessperson

If this was the 1 and 2 seeds, Wpg vs BC, I think therecwould be more butts in the seats.


BC...not really. Hamilton, yes. Nonetheless, the seats should be filled to the brim regardless of who is playing. The blame lies on one man and his superiors

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This stinks - I blame the idiot Reynolds’s, Craig Dickinson and the phoney Oday for the disaster

How many Saskatchewan Roughriders' fans were trying to sell their tickets after it became clear their team was hopeless this year? And they call themselves big Canadian football fans in Saskatchewan. The fair weather fans who lost interest in the Grey Cup because their team didn't make it are a disgrace.


And of course if the CFL did more marketing and promotion of our unique game instead of virtue signalling it would help a lot.



Can Creepy Reynolds’s and his buddies Oday and Dickenson

Worst I’ve ever seen

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I don’t think Hamilton would make it better. Currently its 1 vs 4. 1 vs 6 would not be a bigger draw, although at least they would have done more to earn their appearance by winning on the road instead of getting an undeserved bye. I seriously think if this was 1 vs 2 or 1 vs 3, fewer would have sold their tickets and more would have shown up.

This is the Grey Cup., in the city that is supposed to be the home and pillar of the league.They may have to start having the Grey Cup in the city of the team that has the better record. If I’m not mistaken, that’s what the MLS has ended up having to do.


The game was announced sold out over a month ago so were they full of shite?

I'm also thinking that Rider fans are not the CFL fans they brag to be.


Lots of tickets were sold to season ticket holders, who have been selling their tickets for months

Well, at least their sold. Does not look good on TV but at least the tickets are sold.

I think the Sasky fans bailed as soon as they saw their team wasn't going to be in it. It did probably sell out, though. There is a larger trend that seems to be forming, however...

In 2019 the game was in Calgary and , If I'm not mistaken, that was the first time I did not see additional seats added for the game ( maybe Toronto in 2016??). None were added last year in Hamilton but that was the first season post lockdown...

Now, we see empty seats here...

The overall quality of play in this league has fallen off drastically over the last decade, regardless of who the Commissioner is. That seems to be the underlying, yet relatively unspoken, theme. People are tuning out...


I watch ever CFL game but I found, this year, due to constant penalties, mediocre QB's and too many dropped balls, I just fast forwarded. There were some great games and amazing plays but OMG the penalties killed the games.

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I skipped a lot of games entirely this year. The on-field product is really suffering overall


Ridiculous "penalties" to allow for more Offensive opportunities and scoring has long been a problem and is warping how the game is played. The excuse about "player safety" is secondary if at all...It's breaking up the flow of the game..

The mediocre play is based in the availability of players. the NFL is hoarding players on their practice rosters and there are now two spring football leagues taking up the marginal NFL players who would otherwise play up here if given the opportunity...


Add to that the CBA mandated limitation on practice time and practice contact.


That too...The poor tackling technique I see in favour of players launching their bodies for a "kill shot" drives me up the wall...And, that is how players get hurt...

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I agree on all points. I'm going to be patient and hope for the Spring leagues to fold and the CFL turns itself around. Randy A needs to go.

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Wow, can't believe it!!!! no flags on the kick return touch down:)