Empire to have pay portapotties

C.P. - In an attempt to recover from the disastrous HST tax debaucle , the Provincial government in B.C. has decreed that there will be a charge for using porta-potties at Empire Field. Apparently it will cost $2. to pee and $5. to Poo. Only in British Columbia.!!! :oops: :oops:

what a dumb idea, when guys get drunk, they aint gonna pay 2 bucks, they're gonna take a leak in some random corner, and if i have to take a dump, ill just take on near the visiting teams bench and use a few of their towels to wipe myself. If I have to puke instead of using 2 bucks ill find an old ottawa rough riders t-shirt and use that as my projectile protector. Empire is a cheap temp stadium, so who cares if 20,000 drunks take a leak on the park.

^^ That's gotta be turkey's best catch. :lol:

gotta be a young kid, go easy on him

when it comes to turkey, I am surprised he didnt say GAY portapotties. Must have been a typo

I'd suggest doing to Turkey what I did to a loud drunk last year... Lock him in a well used one and flip it over :slight_smile:

The really sad thing is, I could see our gov't trying to do that if they felt they could get away with it!
But who in Vancouver would pay? I mean there's plenty of perfectly good bushes, grass, cars, old ladies, streets, buildings and homeless to piss on.

Seriously? :lol: :lol:

Can you share the why what where how? Nothing like a good poop tale once in a while you know. :?

Any story with portapoos -- guaranteed laughs.

:lol: More stories and faecal wisdom Weezy? :lol:

What of the pay toilet paper dispensors, 5 sheets ?? remember to bring your own tp B.C. fans lmao

is that what your into :oops:

Ah you are into something else related to this matter I see Mass! :lol:

Great find by Turkeybend!

Best thread ever.
You know it’d bad when a turkey suckers you in :lol:


Those of you heavy drinkers with season tickets may consider investing in one of these ...


Holy...after that last post, I'm having Kanga-Kucha flashbacks right now...will require intensive therapy to overcome...help me out, Red...

You know, I had forgotten about that... thanks. :thdn:

...post-traumatic disorder jm02, we all have to deal with it in our own way...