Empire Stadium game presentation

Hi guys,

I'm new to this forum but a lifelong Leos fan. I'm going to a couple games this year and had a few questions regarding the temporary Empire Stadium:

  1. What's the game presentation like? Are the new scoreboard/speakers good? Intro? Good music?

  2. Now that we're in an outdoor stadium, are there fireworks after a TD/FG's? I remember we had this in the Dome and then it wasn't allowed cause it created too much smoke, but now that we're outdoors i'm hoping there is pyro after we score. Anyone know the answer to this?

Thanks for all your help.

yes there is some pyro after the tds and fgs, it isnt too loud but its cool!

Wow, what a great looking a stadium, I can't believe that there is not more talk in Vancouver about keeping this stadium full time. Looked great with the sell out to, but very little talk about it out in BC, I would kill to have that stadium in Toronto. You guys are spoiled out there in BC. Wake up a smell the coffee

Think of the stadium as a condo built circa 1990, looks great but once the weather gets at it for a while. Well you get the idea. It is a great stadium for what it was built for, one year, but in reality it is a bunch of scaffolding convered with fabric. Not meant for the long haul. Plus while people will put up with porta potties and atco trailers for a season, it would get tiring very fast.

Good post...bang on! :thup:

Could use a couple more score boards, one needed at north west corner, and south east, from where I was seating I couldn't see the one in the north east corner due to the stands and the south west score clock was ackward to see during the game . the other problem is the seating, by the 4th quarter i was ready to just stand , when you lean back in the seats you basically are sitting between the guys legs behind you . I could have used his knees as a stand for my beer. . the great thing is it's outside, great atmospher and a real Canadian environment had a good feel to it.

The concession situation was horrible. Supposedly they' re going to try to improve them for the next game