Empire fields declared unfit for Football. Oh Poop!!

Just in --- a news story claiming the old Empire Stadium fields are unfit for football due to seagull poop that makes it healthwise unsafe due to staph infections. The Lions may have to play their games on Cypress Mountain where there is no danger of snow-outs with the only problem being for one half one team will be going uphill. Apparently the fan seating has now been solved and events can be held on Cypress Mountain. A good choice of venues by the Lions brass. Good thnking Wally , better a slush-out than being pooped out! :rockin: :cowboy: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :oops:

Riders Return
Rider Pride Nation Wide

can you plaese right about something intelligant.

sorry, didn't find this very funny

I didnt laugh at this, but I did smile. Some people need to lighten up.

Yes for sure. Even our VP today said "This is a big (expletive) deal." If you can't laugh at that for one reason or another you better see a doctor about perhaps your constipation. :thdn:

This made me laugh :lol:

waste of a read....wish i saw turkey was posting this thread before i read it....woulda saved me 15 seconds of my life.

Too much to ask. But I agree. How is this better then the 2347th expansion thread again?

I for one am on pins and needles waiting for the first pre-season turkeybend ratings....

Obviously you have never lived in Vancouver.... otherwise you would know that it does not take more then 200 cars to completely clog the archeic trafic system that goes up to Cypress Mountain...
The Olympics got away with it because only 0.00001% of the people who actually attended Olympic events were from th province of BC... and thus the other 99.99999% of olympic spectators had no problem siting around for 4-6 hour waiting to catch buses up to Cypruss in otherwise closed roads and an otherwise shutdown city....
Don't believe me...just believe the media rteports...I only live here.

Its intelligent not intelligant. Good job killing your own point.

-dupsdell- don't forget your PLEASE and thank-yous instead of PLAESE and INTELLIGANT! :cowboy:

  • Ah, I gotta go I am too POOPED.
    Welcome back everyone. Can't wait to watch a game in the rain and muck outdoors in Vancouver. Maybe the Leos should move indoors and try arena football at the cow place the Agrodome at the P.N.E. It smells like a horse barn anyway.
    Riders will Rule
    Rider Pride Nation Wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin:

Yup, they'll rule third place in the West for sure!

All that matters in this thread is Empire Field is where old Empire Stadum used to be. History in the makin and Edmonton is first up; exhibition or what ever................. : :smiley:

Okay, I'll bite turkey, is this for real ?

Because if it is, for about $1.00/sqft they could apply an enzyme to the soil (completely natural) that eats poop. It's used to treat contaminated soil following sewage spills all the time.

oh the irony

...I think Cypress Bowl would be a great venue....fits right in with 'Bowl' games...and all of those hay bales they dragged up there for the olympics will make a great field of play...Might be a little sloppy but not as bad as what they play in edm. on..... :wink:

It'll be hard to kick a long field goal if the uprights are 20m higher up the hill!

Hey turkey, I guess it takes a Rider fan to know all about poop eh? :smiley:

would anyone in regina notice if someone slipped onto the field dressed as an extra ref :lol: