Empire Field open house!

I will most certainly be there! I'm bringing my mom as she was a seasons ticket holder back in the day when the Lions played there. I can't wait to see it. I have been deliberately not driving near it so its a shock to see it.

I plan on going, but I dont have a printer to print out my flex pass invitation… Would this be a problem you think? I’m stoked to see the new diggs for this season…

I talked to customer service and i think if you bring a proof that you are a season ticket holder that should be fine.

I wounder how many will be there, if it is sunny as it is suppose to be i say about 2000 if not and raining they will be lucky to get 1000, but i am iam going to see it i do not care how many are there. rain or shine.

eyebleedgreen just tell them ur account number :slight_smile:

Who else is going to this today?

SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! i was the only green jersey, thus a bit of banter back and forth but there was another green and white fan there with a saskatchewan hat!!! GO RIDERS!!!
i GOT Signatures from The Great Jim Young, Nick Heibel, Geroy Simon, Jamal Robertson, David Sanchez, Brent Johnson, Paris Jackson Jarius Jackson, and my Favorite signature came from Antone Mckenzie!

It looks like a BEAUTIFUL venue for this season, it really is very impressive.. They were just finishing spreading the black rubberish stuff on the field and trimming parts with mini hedge clippers.. The stands look great, i'm surprised at the construction and the structure, but im not picky as long as i get to see some football =) big sigh of relief its been far too long of an offseason...

Also like to say, Thank you to all the lions fans for not mugging me.. ( And it was funny that Sanchez called me out when he was on the mic! It was GREAT! )

Today was alright , the only thing intersting was the stadium, but the rest of the venue needs some work,looks very sloopy on the outside hope they fix it up, by the way all the washrooms are portibale, from what i saw, the whole venue except for the inside of the stadium ( which looked very high class) looked mickey mouse.

What were you expecting from a temporary stadium made in 4 months?

I have seen temp stadiums before and believe me the inside of this stadium is by far better than i have ever seen. The exterior of this stadium.
that is another story, one temp stadium i saw once in Texas for a small collage held 20,000 seats always sold out , they used regular benches and a old grass field, did not look good at all, ( ours blows it away on the inside) but the outside of the stadium in Texas, was unbelievable looking fulling custom made banners on the outside , all concession stands were very modern looking, full plumbing washrooms, that do not look like working construction trailers, flags all around the top of the stadium looked very impressive, all for 6 million dollars, believe me for 14 million the outside can look a lot better.

but then again this is the CFL

I'm sure they'll add banners and flags and what not. Advertising and what not will be after completion of everything else.

Also, what would you rather have an nice inside of a stadium, or a nice outside?

for 14 million both.

i think your right they probably will have all advertising up later after they finish with everything else. I hope so.