Empire Field next year

I REALLY hope the PNE learned a lot from this year and improves a number of things. First off, $30/game parking? GTFO. Second is the bonehead security guys who for the first 4 games were taking people's flags and poles. Next is the food. I know we should have low expectations but this is getting troubling. Also, the beer. If you're going to gouge people, at least have the common courtesy to serve real beer.
Damn, its not July yet, damn offseason!

i thought they were back in bc place next year.

Might be a bit of both, they could do what Montreal did last year and start a few games in a row on the road while it's being finished up... then play a few games at Empire before going back to BC Place when it's ready.

BC Place won't be ready til the Fall, most reports say just in time for the Grey Cup.

Good luck getting real beer next year


I'm curious... what beer do they serve at Empire, and how much do they charge for it? At Ivor Wynne, they've got Carling and Canadian, $8.00 for a tallboy. I've never bought beer there.

A 10-12 oz cup of Bud. So really, there’s no beer being served at Emipre. Beer has malted barley in it.

Most tents had:
Bud $7.00
Bud Light Lime (Ick) $7.50
Stella $8.00

There was also a Sleeman tent
Sleeman $7.50 ??