Empire Field Construction Pics

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have a look:


Yes, I was looking at those pics earlier from the Lions website. Should be cool; It's going to bring back memories of (old Empire when I went to games as a kid) for sure when I arrive in Surrey to pick up my son and attend the exhibition match Lions vs Edmonton on June 20th.

Found this a couple days ago too,

[url=http://www.bclionsden.ca/blog/2010/03/18/empire-fields-construction-photos-march-18-2010/]http://www.bclionsden.ca/blog/2010/03/1 ... h-18-2010/[/url]

The same pictures can also be seen here


(You can click on any of the pics in the link from the Lions Den to get to these)

I still remember Leon McQuay fumbling in the Grey Cup in not sure what year it was, think it was agains't Calgary and Empire Stadium, like it happened yesterday in my mind really.

You are correct and the year was 1971. Calgary's first grey Cup win since the undefeated season of 1948. :thup:

Its good to see its finally starting! I've been a bit nervous with how little time they have to get it all done.

...lordy lordy why are the bleachers so far away from the sideline?!...if that green patch is the protected field area to bleachers are about 40' away and pretty much at ground level....

was thinking the same thing

Those bleachers can’t be in place yet. The pitch is way too flat…

....so they're constructing the stands only to move them closer later????

sounds like a waste, when they could just build them in the right place from the start.

I really don't know. But looking at them, there's no way they're gonna leave them that flat, so they've gotta do something with them.

i have a friend working on the site and yes they are there temperaily, the field were the play is will be about 15 yards from the stands so about 5 yards closer than sitting in bc place.

Hi again they should have a countdown to when empirefield is open , i just saw the news and thye are counting down like the olympics for the whitecapes (one year today at empirefield), the lions should be doing the same thing.

The grass is not staying, they've already said the turf from BC Place will be used there, and then BC Place will be getting new turf for 2011.

i can't wait for the first tv game for This temp stadium!!

I've read that bleachers will only be erected in the endzones. The rest of the seating will be individual bucket seats. :thup:

We are almost into April gang and this project looks worse than a Rotary barn-building party in Gull Lake. yikes - what will the lions do if this place is not ready. Security for ticket holders etc. - wow - we are needing a miracle to get this ready.
Maybe the Lions need to re-locate to Saskatoon for the year?????????????????????????????????????? :cowboy: :rockin:

I've read that bleachers will only be erected in the endzones
sweet, and here i was thinking i was just going to be standing in the endzone for each game with a crowd of rowdies. YAY seating!... now i just need to figure out where it is before kickoff, aswell as how to get there. lol.

i hope they finish weeks ahead of schedule so i can go scope things out

its temporary seating and bleachers.. not like it takes a year to put them in. the season doesnt start until july for gods sake, my question tho is will empire field be done in time for training camp? if not.. how does that affect the lions or would they just practise with the thing going up.

obviously they have a timeframe for how long they need to put it up and they will probably have it done b4 training camp even.. 2 months and a half to put up bleachers and endzone seats? shouldnt be a problem at all.

I read somewhere that the completion date is June 15th, 5 days before the scheduled pre-season game against Edmonton. But if there's no CBA and a lockout for the pre-season, nothing to worry about!

It's pretty easy to build these, your not starting from scratch, your bringing in big sections at a time. And some of the seats were used at Olympic venues as well so it's easy to get them there.