Emotions Check

How’s everyone doing after that nail biter?

Our first playoff win since 2001. First win in Montreal since 2002. Highest scoring playoff game in history.

A young team with a big win can do exceptional things. Now’s the time to support our guys and win two more games.

The Odds don't Favour Hamilton Running the The Table

As a Ticat fan you’re a disgrace.

You could say I almost feel euphoric, my brain told me Montreal would win, but my heart told me Hamilton would win. Ive said before (as have others) the teams #1 problem is consistency, but there's no damn reason this team isn't capable of beating ANY team in the league. I never followed sports the last time Hamilton made it this far, so this is quite a successful season in my eyes, even if the record reflects otherwise.

He is no longer a Ti-Cat fan… he is now a TROLL… I hope the Lions falter soon too… his football life will fall right apart!!!

Find another act dude… its getting pathetic.
Surely theres some real life human friends youd rather be whining to, rather than coming on here posting negativity?

Whats the source of this bitterness? Depressed nobody bought you an all expense paid trip with tickets to Montreal? You werent this negative when they bought you your playoff ticket in Hamilton.

That When Had Faith Obie I don't have that anymore ..
Next week the got go to WINTERPEG My guess is Road will end there.



Agree … 100%.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

And of course, if we win next week, Troll will be all over the board saying how we’ll get beat in the Grey Cup. And if we win the Grey Cup, Troll will have six months to post about how we’ll never repeat.

I can save you the trouble, Troll. We all know what you’re going to say. I’m guessing no one else on this board wants to hear it. Consider your message delivered, and go watch your NFL game. BTW, what do you think the odds are of seeing 96 points put up in a US game this weekend?

Tom, why dont’ you ease your and our stress and just stay out of this forum? Stay in the Detroit Lions chatroom.

I must agree with ONKNIGHT... Winnpeg's defence is much tougher than Montreal's. And they are even tougher at home.
It's a stretch to think we can come out of winnipeg with a win period.

Sorry but TMO. :cowboy:

That may be true, but after watching such an incredible game, a game our boys pulled out of the fire in such dramatic fashion, how could any true fan possibly be negative?

I mean c’mon, it’s been what? 10 years since we’ve won a playoff game?

I prefer to savor this victory and look at the positives.

I’m incredibly proud of our team today and will cheer them on right to the bitter end.

As the talking heads on TSN said, this could be Hamilton’s perfect storm where everything’s coming together at the right time.

This after all is the CFL.

GO CATS! :smiley:

Trying to predict a trend in the CFL since say, the Moon and Doug Flutie runs has been, well, not too much of a lock. Beating the champs AT home in Thunderdome is a big step. It doesn't get any easier, but now the crapshoot that is the 2011 CFL season has a tiger on the prowl...that is a great thing!

Oski Wee Wee,


You mean the defense that coined themselves Swaggerville for a bloated 7 and 1 start then needed to reminded they were STAGGERVILLE for the balance of the season??.. you give the Bummer WAY too much credit… their offense is one of the worst in the league… oh and BTW… Justin Hickman IS swaggerville all by himself… the Bummer D is second rate according to the last half of the season!!

THAT defense??

I went out and watched the game at a bar. I had to wait a few minutes after the win before I could leave. I didn't trust myself to drive after the adrenalin rush from the roller-coaster in the last few minutes (they're ahead, they're tied, they're ahead, they're tied! OT!), the anger and confusion at the field-goal fiasco (my fiancee had to tell me to calm down), and the eventual win. I've felt more confident driving after a couple beers (within the legal limit, of course).

(Not to mention a bit schadenfreude from watching the TiCats win with Als fans sitting a couple of tables away).

LMAO indeed! Props to you and all our fans!

Oski Wee Wee,


My dog, a one year old pointer is currently terrorized and hiding from me.

I think half the neighborhood heard me yelling. LOL!

There is a big difference between predicting a loss, and hoping for one and revelling in it when it happens. Onknight crossed that line in my eyes when he posted " :lol: " after our loss to the Arghos. I, and many others obviously, have little patience for his negativity now.