Emotional Low for RButts?

In your opinion what would cause the worst Emotional Low for the RBs tonight and into next week?

A 31 point drubbing like the Riders today? A big come from behind win by Edmonton? Another O/T loss as with Winnipeg?

What do you think?

Serious injury to Harris

Won’t happen tonight. They know they need a split against us and one other win to clinch the East.

As happy as we are right now they are clearly and firmly in the drivers seat regardless of outcome tonight.

Crash, with an Esks win tonight, and we win next week, the Cats are firmly in the driver seat!
Why so pessimistic? Wasn’t it you who said last week that the RB’s loss meant nothing?

All I’m saying is they won’t be on an “emotional low”. They have 4 games to win 2. Why would they be worried?

And how is that pessimistic? They’re still the favourite to win the East.

And no, I said it doesn’t mean much. Of course if they keep losing it will catch up to them. But as of last week they had 5 games to win 2. Now they have 4 games to win 2.

EDM, another catch and fumble.
And their D is terrible
This is crazy

You’re not making sense, last night they had 5 games to win 2 and today 4 games to win 2?
Did the RB’s play last night?

I see you edited your post

Edmonton is absolutely imploding. Thankfully it’s just FGs for robokicker.

Good grief…

Edmonton can’t get out of their own way…

We won’t get any help from that train wreck of a team today…

Gable gets us a TD!!!

Bumcracks lead 16-14 at the half

Bunch of boneheads.

Here’s hoping that the EE get their butts moving better in the second half and erase that 2 point lead to put themselves firmly in front for the rest of the game.

Yup. By at least 3.5 pts.

EDM blows it open with 7 mins to play.

Hey Crash, would you rather have had the RB’s win their last 2 games?
Now 3 games and 2 wins? Pathetic!

How about we put it this way?

Going into the last 3 weeks would you rather be in their spot (split us and beat Toronto)

Or our spot - have to sweep them OR split, beat MTL and rely on a Toronto win.

Fair to say they still have a better chance of winning the East?

Now about that @BC game…

Still, so by your logic, the last 2 RB’s losses didn’t matter? We would have been stuck in 2nd.
Now we have a shot at 1st

I don’t care about your post count. You’re still being pessimistic. Win out and we’re in first. Period.

Like how I did that?