:D :) :o :? :lol: :x :oops: :thup: :thdn: :cowboy: :rockin:

Ah, Rats!!!

Glad they;re back, I loved 'em, especially the rockin' one. I have that for MSN :stuck_out_tongue:. I'm sure WILF is glad they're back too :lol:

Yahoo. Ticat.ca had the best emoticons. Glad to see them back.

You nailed it, buddy...
I'm pleased that those posters who can't use words to express their thoughts and opinions again have their crutch to fall back on. It's heartening to see them in use again. It provides me with an opportunity to skip over sections of posts without feeling that I may be missing something important.
Now we're both LOL. ....Cheers

Ah, my old friend. Such verve... such passion. However, let us not forget our friends who occasionally get lost in the forests of sublime prose or who might even stumble on the plains of the vernacular.

On the other hand, are there not those who are able to create or discern subtle and nuanced messages developed through the juxtaposition of image and word? Further, are there not artistic souls among us whose hearts burn bright at the use of colour and line in the cause of communication?

O my friend Wilf, open yourself to the new horizons of human intercourse which beckon and be not downhearted nor consider the simple emoticon merely a noisome and befouled invention.


What he said! :lol:

Mark, old buddy, thanks for your display of appreciation for my comments, albeit somewhat jaundiced by your mixing in praise for the use of those "befouled inventions".
You speak of those here who create "subtle and nuanced messages". Now, be honest. You and I both know that a large number of messages here are as subtle as a blow from a sledgehammer. However, I guess tempering that blow with
an emoticon serves two purposes. It gives the writer the feeling of adding something of consequence to his message, and it provides the reader with an insight into the writer's persona. In spite of your protestations, I'm afraid I will continue to regard those little devils as anathema.
(borehamgirl, please note that it can be done.)