Emory Hunt predicts a first place finish....

...in 2012 for the Montreal Alouettes !!! Follow the link below...

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMtzbA2d ... tube_gdata

I wasn’t able to watch the video on my phone so I have to ask… Who is Emory Hunt? Is he in management or someone in the media?

From Football Gameplan -- makes weekly CFL game analysis. Watch the video when you get to your home computer.

He mentions 13thman.com. That site is barely used now.

J’ai pas tout compris, mais entre autres choses que j’ai comprises, il dit que si Bekasiak connaît ENCORE une bonne saison, les Alouettes vont avoir une ligne défensive solide. Apparemment, si manifestement il connaît le football, il ne suit pas beaucoup la LCF.

Thought I'd dig out this old thread. Only 6 weeks to go.

Even disciplineandpain...... I mean punish made this prediction. It's fun looking back at all the posts made on this site in over 7 years.

It's funny that while I've done so very badly in BigDave's pool that I've actually stopped playing, my overall predictions for the standings in both divisions are, for the moment anyway, bang on. I had BC leading the West, with Calgary in second, Saskatchewan in third, and Edmonton languishing in the basement. I had Montreal in first in the East, with Toronto close behind fighting us for the division crown, Hamilton in third, and Winnipeg regressing to the basement.

I wasn't as confident that montreal would be first this far in the season with a two game lead. So to those who think d&p is demanding, we know it's for a good cause and congrats on your 9,000th post.

Neither was I, and in the early going, it didn't seem like our defense would be able to stop anyone, ever. But Reinebold has really proven me wrong. We still have some significant issues to sort out on defense (basically, we have to improve our secondary personnel), but the unit is now becoming feared, rather than merely competent. Jenkins and Emry are tied for 4th in the league in sacks (5 apiece). When was the last time we had a defensive tackle co-leading our team in sacks? Not since Keron Williams in 2009, probably. Both Jenkins and Cash are becoming difference-makers in the interior of the line.

So to those who think d&p is demanding, we know it's for a good cause and congrats on your 9,000th post.
:D Thank you, thank you. ;)

For what it's worth, I'm not demanding when it comes to issues that are not team-controllable. In other words, it's hard to fault the offense when we have absolutely ravaged by injury this year. I am, however, demanding on issues we can control, like our consistently poor ST performance, or who we choose to start in our defensive secondary (you can't tell me that Carter, Gainey, or even Lance Milton would be worse than Osaisai).