Emoji and sports team codes

so for those who want to use some code shortcuts for team names:

code to type output
$bc :bclions: BC Lions
$cgy :stamps: Calgary Stampeders
$edm :elks: Edmonton Elks
$ssk :riders: Saskatchewan Roughriders
$wpg :bombers: Winnipeg Blue Bombers
$ott :redblacks: Ottawa REDBLACKS
$ham :tigercats: Hamilton Tiger-Cats
$tor :argonauts: Toronto Argonauts
$mtl :als_red: Alouettes de Montréal
$cfl :cfl: Canadian Football League

feel free to use these for the GCC pool.


:bclions: BC Lions
:stamps: Calgary Stampeders
:elks: Edmonton Elks

They work but it looks like any comments to be made have to come at the end a space or two down. I can live with that.

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i’ll see if i can change that…

:bombers: Winnipeg Blue Bombers


I just wanted to try it. You can delete this now, lol

Yeah, this is awesome! @GridironGirl is the best!

:als_red: Alouettes de Montréal


:bclions: BC Lions

nah you guys can test in this topic all you want. that’s what it’s here for. i’ll move it to the Site Feedback and News category though.

Once again you made this site better

$gridirongirl :heart:


haha i hope you didn’t think the $GridironGirl would make a pic or emoji of me :laughing:

thanks for the lovely compliment, i appreciate it. you know i like this site as much as you guys do :slight_smile:


added CFL to the replacement codes. also added all the replacements to the Team emoji list in the link on your navigation sidebar menu.

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:tigercats: Hamilton Tiger-Cats



:claw: :bclions: Nothing to see here fans. I’m just trying to learn how to post the team imojies. Type, colon (:slight_smile: bclions colon and the bc cougar came up on the side of this page. Now let me post and see where it comes up

I see. nice, don’t know where the smiley face came from though. I had typed bracket colon bracket but that came up

Emoji is the word.

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I stand corrected. I was wondering about that.

It’s a derivative of the word emotion, as they’re often used to show emotion.

Could someone post below the list of NHL emoji shortcuts?

I’m likely the WORST person to give tec. advice…but I’ll try.

When you click to send a message, at the top of the red box your typing in you should see about 15 icons. The 8th icon is a happy face. Click the happy face, wait patiently for icons to load. scroll down to the very bottom. You should see NHL emojis.

The other way is… type
: Knights :
But without the spaces between the : and the team name



Let’s go, baby!

Thank you very much!

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