Emmanuel Marc

Was watching Global Winnipeg on Friday, and Coach LaPo said Marc has signed with someone else...anyone hear where he went?

.....He's now with Wally and the leos.....Good talent....just no room, for him on our roster.. :roll:

Funny how it's the Lions though since they cut him last season.

This is surprising for many reasons, personally i thought Marc had a better camp than both Reid and Bernard, but that is the CFL for you, i guess LaPo is going with experience with Reid and Bernard and i am sure they will be great this season, just because Marc had a better camp, does not mean he is the better player!!

Marc would have had to have a spectacular camp to beat out Reid and Bernard. He had a good camp but not spectacular.

And the question is did Wally pick him up for depth purposes or is he less than enamoured with what Jamel Robertson is giving him?

You're right...Marc did have a really good camp...but...not good enough, I guess.

I was at practice this afternoon...Reid really looked like one of the best in the league today.

I heard they were doing a lot more pass plays in practice with the RBs than running plays. I'm so looking forward to seeing the offense in action on Friday.

They were… :smiley:

I agree…I can’t wait to see the real deal on Friday

According to June 26th CFL transactions, Emmanuel Marc has been added to the practice roster of the Als.


That's strange. He's not listed on their PR and his name wasn't one of them listed when the PRs were announced. Scott Burley is the only player who was announced and is listed on the PR whose name doesn't show up on the transactions page regarding the Als PR.

Officially on the Als practice roster,since early this afternoon.


Well considering we have a proven starter in Reid, who is still only 28 years old (same age as Marc) and a more than capable backup (who would be a starter on any team) in Yvenson Bernard who is only 27 years old, i can say that going with Reid and Bernard (Experience and a dangerous 1-2 punch) over Marc who had a very good camp is the safest route to go for us.

Latest is Reid and/or Bernard are expected to be catching more passes this season, more throws will go there way, more than previous years.

Well Marc is now listed on the active roster, guess we will see him play in a real game at some point after all!!

Don't rely on the roster at CFL site; it is not accurate. Go to the Als site and view their roster. Also refer to the CFL transactions and you woll realize that Marc is on the practice roster. Cobourne is the Als RB

Marc is on the Als practice roster; McPherson on the 9 game injury list as are Gavin Walls,Shawn Mayne and Bowden.