Emmanuel Arceneaux=Geroy Simon's twin?

Emmanuel Arceneaux is an amazing receiver. He is starting to become Lulay's go to guy. He makes amazing catches, runs perfect routes and can always break tackles/dekes to get more yardage and always tries to fight for more yardage. This guy makes some amazing plays and never gives up. He is only 23! 23 years old and you are that good, its just the beginning of his career! He still has so many years left in the CFL! Arceneaux is starting to turn into a Geroy Simon! Now we have 2 Geroy Simon's! I can see this guy being number 1 on a lot of receiving lists pretty soon here. Wait till next year, Arceneaux will be racking up all those charts and be the leading receiver in the season. What an impact this guy makes on our team. And like I said before, he still has so many years left! I do NOT see BC letting him go at all. Once Geroy retires he will be our new offensive captain and top receiver. Guess I got to go buy a #84 jersey to go with my #81 jersey!

Well BC Lions fan, we have got what we have always wanted. A SECOND GEROY SIMON NAMED EMMANUEL ARCENEAUX!

RIGHT ON GS81.....RIGHT ON! :thup:

Haha, thanks bud :slight_smile:

Well i have enjoy his time here as a Lion. I also heard he was leaving after this season trying out for an NFL TEAM.

Which was probably why he played like crap most of the season. He was already looking at the NFL. It was about time he had a good game.

If that is true, then while some compare him to Geroy, he must be thinking he is another Fernandez. I dont think so.

Well thats what i've heard at the beginning of the season. I'm hoping that im wrong! Haven't we lost enough players to the NFL.

Yeah, thats what I thought. Only way we would lose him is if a NFL team grabs him. Hopefully not, if you think about it most players from the CFL going into the NFL are off BC.