Emergency Services Discount Offer !

The Toronto Argonauts are thanking OUR HERO'S

The Toronto Argonauts have invited Emergency Personal to receive up to 39 % off Season Tickets for this year, In addition, the Argonauts are having a Emergency Sevices night on September 11th, 2009 vs the Hamilton Tiger- Cats. Discounted seats can be purchased for this game.

contact Rob Richardson at (416) 341-2756 or Email robr@argonauts.catc23

good for the argos. its good business, and it shows apreciation to great people in the community. im curious to see how many buy. i wish more sports teams would follow this example

This isn't all that new, Calgary has on different occasions offered seat discounts for Police, Fire and, Ambulance on select games. I don't remember season ticket discounts. There has been games in Calgary honouring Armed Forces as well with discount and/or free tickets to service personel, (I wouldn't be surprized if all cities did this). Regina also used to offer tickets at a discounted price to RCMP, I am going back a long ways but they may well still do it.

Good for the Argo's nonetheless.

Good on the argos! As a I guess ex- medic (I am still licensed but no long practicing, in school taking Respiratory Therapy right now)

maybe 40% off will finally get the argos a seirous fan base again. they play at skydome, so it always looks kinda empty. thats quite a discount for season tickets. i hope they get lots of fans out.

The Argos have about 14,000 season ticket holders. They draw between 28k and 31k fans for each regular season game, even during last year’s crapfest. That’s as much or more than other teams with a “serious” fanbase. The only reason it seems like less is because 1) they play in a cavernous stadium and 2) there are proportionately more people in the GTA than other markets.

39%? why not 41%?


For these reasons they should be leading the CFL in attendance every year. That cavernous stadium insures good weather every game and the fan base is outweighed by the fact that the GTA has probably the worst per capita support in the country, face the facts, Toronto is not a good sports city.

Perhaps the Argo's need to luck at lower ticket prices across the board not just for emergency workers. A quick check on ticket prices shows that even with the 39% discount, ticket prices in TO are higher that those in Calgary and Edmonton.

The Argos are kind of expensive. I'm glad I decided to go to Hamilton. I got a 5-voucher pack from the Ti-Cats for $115. The cheapest 10-voucher pack for the Argos is $325. I could've gotten two 5-voucher packs from the Ti-Cats for almost $100 cheaper.

Wow. A 10 voucher pack in Sask is $459. And they're capping those at 1,000.

Holy hell that's expensive! :o

Edit: The cheapest 10-pack for the Eskimos is $270 + tax.

Yep. And they're limited to the third tier level seating (basically from the goal line to the 25 on each end), and only 2 of the 10 are good for Labour Day.

The Riders are also thinking they're going to have to cap season ticket sales (and therefore starting a waiting list) to ensure there are single game tickets available when they go on sale in June. There is already nothing between the 10's in the lower level on the West side, and only very high row numbers between the 30's on the East (Zoo) side.

Time to expand Taylor Field!

i wish i was close enough to validate having seasons tickets to football. i can aford it, just can drive that far. i quess what i meant with the argo attendance was this: it would be nice to see toronto sell out for there games. i know its not going to happen, but there a large city... its possible. i was always suprised montreal woudnt sell out the big o during there playoff games. sometimes i feel the same about bc lions. but i know people in Vancouver are really finiky when it comes to sport. im not even sure if the hockey team sells out evety game. sorry, off topic. i would love to see the big cities really lead the way in attendance. and i think the argos really have potential to do so, if they can lose that "we want nfl" thing they got.is edmonton the highest fan base per game?

Edmonton has the largest stadium in the league. They know how to use discounts and promotions to give away the cheap seats. They use thier capacity to their advantage, to increase their fan-base and boost concession sales.

Their stadium also doesn't look empty. They don't use the endzone seating, except when necessary. The 35k they average in attendance makes it look 75-80% full. When Sask or Calgary is in town, it feels like a full house.

Toronto and BC started tarping off unused sections as well. Toronto now lists their CFL capacity at 31k or something, not using their upper deck.

This is fairly true - once you mentally eliminate the upper deck seats at BC Place and the 500 Level at Skydome (I'm a traditionalist) - those venues are pretty full.

Doesn't really matter what seats are blocked out, the only thing that matters is the seats in the seats. If B.C. wants to look full they can move to Swanguard Stadium with stands only on one side. Marketting only helps to a certain extent after that there is nothing you can do about being a poor sports town, like Toronto.

Military, Police, Fire, Ambulance, Doctors, and Nurses all get the DEAL.

I spoke with Rob Richardson from the Argonauts, he advised me that the season tickets can be purchased up until the season starts.

The single game, Emergency Sevices night on September 11th, 2009 vs the Hamilton Tiger- Cats. Discounted seats can be purchased for this game up until the day before.