CHCH has just reported a emergency meeting called by councillors to look into mayor freds slimy ways.


Please kick Fred out and get this stadium deal done with the Ticats.

i AGREE WITH YOU and i think as soon as all freedys dirty laundry gets aired hes the one out to dry and id say prob b4 election time.
Theres been stuff that hes hid from his own councillors never mind us people hes a rat

Good for council to do this. :thup:

I think you'll now see all of the city councillors that:

  1. Were sitting on the fence
  2. Voted for the WH because they were pressured
  3. Regretted their decision and are now looking for an "out"

will now change sides.

This sh** storm just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Way to go Freddy boy.

Keep holding out Bob, and it will all fall into your lap.


The first bit of good news on this topic in a long time.

It is about time someone took a cold, hard look at what the hell happened with the stadium alleged debate. It appears Fred Flintson..er, Eisenberger, has Wilma, Betty, Barney and quite possibly Dino very upset with him. And they now have an out to try and save their jobs in October. But, even if they reverse their decision, will Bob Young sit down with them?

Don't forget, a lot of these councillors are as slimey as Freddie..... McHattie, Brattina, Collins, Ferguson happen to come to mind. :cowboy:

This is great news. As requested in another thread I emailed the councilors asking them their feelings on Fred's actions. I got a couple replies that they are away on holidays until August 29th but Sam Merulla responded. Initially I received a form letter response on his stance that IWS should be refurbished.

When I replied to Sam saying he didn't answer my question, he said basically and nicely this is what it is and he wants to move on. I clarified that the citizens of Hamilton cannot move on with the Mayor who is dishonest and serving his own agenda. In no way has Fred been held accountable nor has there been consequences for his dishonest and misleading actions.

Sam wrote back that my point was duly noted, and now there's a meeting being called. Hey maybe our emails made a difference! Now that would be cool. Sam also encouraged us to use our civic right to get out and vote in the civic elections.

Wow this is getting worse by the minute. Soap opera or what. I expect Mchatie, Collins and probably Ferguson to contunue to support Fred, and hopefully go down with the ship come election day. I saw a link to all councillors in Hamilton on another thread, but cant find it now. Does anyone have or know where i can get that link? I would like to send an email requesting
they start over pick the best three sites (probably chedoke,EM and confederation) and let council vote on which site they prefer. Fred should not be allowed to vote, while his actions are being reviwed by the integrity commisioner.

Though I would not be suprised if we lose it all now.

About time that council showed some testicular fortitude. Enough of the mayor's bully tactics. Let's get this done right and done fair with all the facts. Not whatever the mayor deems facts. HostCo hasn't said anything publicly yet, so we still have time to save this and keep the Cats in Hamilton.

Angry councillors demand emergency meeting

Mayor denies any specific offers made

Sunday Aug. 22 2010

[url=http://www.thespec.com/news/local/article/250693--angry-councillors-demand-emergency-meeting]http://www.thespec.com/news/local/artic ... cy-meeting[/url]
[b]Some [councillors] are calling for an emergency meeting, an investigation by the integrity commissioner, and a judicial inquiry for breach of trust. [/b] Others say the mayor is getting trapped in a political game that has made him a target for those frustrated by the Pan Am stadium impasse.
There are also concerns about whether

councillors unhappy with the west harbour will use
this issue to try to reopen the location debate —

a potentially dangerous proposition in light of
the Pan Am Host Corporation’s deadline of Aug. 31.

These latter councillors still don't get that a West harbour vote
nixes any chance of getting the Pan Am stadium altogether!

The heat is starting to build under Freddie the Freethinker's arse.

It's not just Bob Young supporters now. It looks good on him!

[url=mailto:bbratina@hamilton.ca]bbratina@hamilton.ca[/url]; [url=mailto:smerulla@hamilton.ca]smerulla@hamilton.ca[/url] [url=mailto:tjackson@hamilton.ca]tjackson@hamilton.ca[/url] [url=mailto:twhitehead@hamilton.ca]twhitehead@hamilton.ca[/url] [url=mailto:mpearson@hamilton.ca]mpearson@hamilton.ca[/url] [url=mailto:lferguson@hamilton.ca]lferguson@hamilton.ca[/url]; [url=mailto:rpasuta@hamilton.ca]rpasuta@hamilton.ca[/url] [url=mailto:mayorfred@hamilton.ca]mayorfred@hamilton.ca[/url]

Mayor Fred is no longer my Facebook friend.


Wasn't the last vote something like 9-6? You have to think that least two councillors will change their vote with this piece of knowledge that they now have. That turns the outcome right around.

McHattie has already been quoted as supporting Eisenberger re "the phone call" but he has as much credibility as the Mayor... zilch.

McHattie was one of the whiners who complained of upper level interference in local affairs when the Feds and Provs supposedly said funding was only going to EM.

He seems to have forgotten that he was the one that went running to the Province to intervene (which it did) when he lost a Council vote re the Lister Block. Council voted to demolition and replace with a replica, he wanted (more costly) restoration but when he didn't get it, he ran to the Province and it basically reversed Council's decision.

Like I said, the hypocrite has no credibility so I guess it's no surprise he supports the Mayor.

it was 10 - 6 with the mayor.

if freddie gets to vote again just 3 votes have to switch to make it 9 - 7.

that's if the original 6 don't flip too. :roll:

Out of curiousity, once they play "burn the witch" at city hall, what the next step - writing that blank cheque for an EM stadium?

What would you prefer they do? Sit back and let the mayor do as he pleases? This is much more serious than the question of “where the stadium goes?”


Is this meeting actually happening? I know councillors have DEMANDED an emergency meeting, but I haven't seen anything in the news stating that this meeting is actually going to happen.

Anyone have a link?