that Kevin Glenn is even starting in this league,

2 INT, no TDs

only 314 yards passing in 2 games, hes a bantam QB,

And yet his team is 1-1 and has scored more points than the Eskimos.

And he threw for more touchdowns and less interceptions then Ray last year.

it doesnt matter how many points his team has scored, he has none of them

take the wheat and the dirt out of your ears and listen

and also, everytime i bring up last year i get told to stop living in the past,

oh yah Roughy Kerry Joseph is just as bad, have fun having a loser team again. loser province, loser team goes together pretty good

its ok to be jealous of our success, roughy

I think it is best if we all as a forum just ignore everything that comes out of one of rawass's posts. He is as bad as SaskArgo in that he never contributes to a conversation, he just bad mouths all other teams.... the difference is, Saskargo was funny at times, or at least witty. This guy thinks calling other posters loser is a comeback. Nothing against Eskimo fans, but this guy is making you look bad.

Go Riders!!

hey riders you beat us in preseason that should be your grey cup

So what, they are still 1-1, just like your precious Eskimos.

The wheat and the dirt? I live in Saskatchewan so I must be a farmer?

no you live in sask so you must be dirt

It's called freedom of expression. It's what public forums are all about. His posts are just as valid as anyone's.

So everyone in Saskatchewan is dirt? Wow, gotta love the five year old insults.

I don't like Glenn, he hasn't finished a game since 2004, but the Bombers have no one else, and he is ok, he has proven himself as a QB, but on a starter. if he doesn't make a major improvement soon, the Bombers should look for a new QB next season.

No no roughy. We are not all dirt. We are all loser dirt. In our loser province with our loser team. But just remember... Rawass's mom!

Go Riders!!

I realize that, and I didn’t say he couldn’t express his opinion freely. I just freely expressed my opinion by saying I think it would be best if we all just ignored him because he is a tool. That is all.

Go Riders!!

Funny, I think I once heard it said from an "NFL only" fan in Toronto years ago that Flutie was a bantam qb. Not saying Glenn is any Flutie but if the word bantam is used because of his height, well, don't think so.

I'm with Dr Rise on this one. Good natured ribbing is all part of the fun, puerile insults are not and are deservedly ignored.

Beside, it’s the second time he posts a thread titled “emberrassing” and he has yet to figure out how to spell that word.


Kind of speaks for itself!

I am new on here and have been reading this fellows posts and frankly this fellow should not be posting on here. He has no value what so ever. And I believe his parents felt that way as well. He has yet to chat about football with out being a total jerk. Sort of takes the fun out of this site. I can see having fun but he is not funny what so ever.

Glenn is ok but i am wondering if allowing Brad Banks be able to get the Bombers ready for the CFL Playoffs.

is there any eskimo fans that dont think this guy is a ***?