emberasing and stupid

did anyone think seeing nic lewis crawl through the advertisments after scoring a TD VERY STUPID, and emberasing , i sure did, it was just plain dumb, even my stampeder freind looked at me funny and thought that was very dumb

......unrehearsed though, spontaneous and unrehearsed.....


....hey, Kramer vs. Kramer won an oscar too..........maybe the Idea Well that is the holding place of TD celebrations is drying up......

Unbelievable RNR, didn't think I would ever agree with you this season but yeah that was completely stupid

I'm sure that the advertizers didn't mind since everyone was looking at the ads.

Name the ads that were seen.

they turned the camera's away actually, every TD dance calgary does is stupid

In all the leagues i played in, it is a 15 yard pentalty for anything but a high five, their pretty strict about it, and way back when in pee-wee and bantam football they call back the touchdown and bring the ball back to the original line of scrimage, in a game versus UofS , our fullback got one called back for spiking the ball in the endzone. That being said.. I like watching the TD celebrations, especially if its over the top because that lites a fire under every defensive player and that guy is gonna get his head knocked off the next play. Come on , who doesnt like watching Copeland two step in the endzone!!!! Well, i guess as a Esks fan i wont have to worry about that stuff, cuz calgary wont be see'ing the endzone when they meet my Esks.


I don't like end zone celebrations but to disallow the TD is a bit much

when i played touch football i was a showboater, spiked the ball, showboated my way into the endzone, etc. they talked to me, but never disallowed the TD

i guess seeing how you probably only made it in the
endzone once all year. Showboating and spiking the ball
probably wasnt a big deal.

:lol: :o :lol:

actually i was a star...at least a TD every other game, but then i put some weight on, and now im not as good

I have to rephrase that, When i played Bantam and Pee-wee they would call the TD's back, not univeristy, Our Fullback got a 15 yard penatly for spiking the ball. Anyone else who played or has kids in knows what im talking about, at least in Nova Scotia it was like this, we were always told after a TD give a high 5 , and thats it , or we will get the unsportsman like conduct penatly, which took back the TD, so by the time we were older the players who choose to go onto university ball were already used to the no celebration concept, weeds it out at a young age. but in the under 21 league i know they allowed excessive celebration, and the NFL doesnt help with the young players see'ing Terrel Owens and Randy Moss over the top antics.

I like the hotdogging or showboating. If you aren't good enough to stop the other team from scoring, then you should have to watch their celebrating.

Hmmmm... disagree with that. I think it's okay to do it when you are at home, because the IQ of a thriving football player matches quite evenly that of 25 000 drunken happy fans. Everybody is in sync. Mental softness is everywhere.

But you should avoid from showboating in your opponent's house, as it pleases no one. You are the only one out of his mind, and it shows.

don't really understand the big deal about celebrating your TD. You work hard and fight hard to get that ball over the goal line, and when u do u need to blow off a little steam. So what if someone decides to "shake their groove thang".

It is a game after all

I was quite the endzone dancer in my day :wink:

showboating in the opponents house is better. nothing like 20,000 fans booing you simultanesoly.

dancing is for girls. period.