I could have done a couple more enjoyable things tonight than sit through that horrible display of football.

Well come down to the Rogers Centre and watch a real football game!

Certainly… when the Grey Cup goes there next year.

Until then, I’d rather see the Toronto FC than the Argos.

False advertisement!!! Kids were not running the ticats today...they would have done a heck of a lot better job! :lol:

Well, Toronto FC will be in Toronto in April!

Embarrassing ???
First shut out at home since …1951.

Well...gosh...that makes it all feel so much better then.

Yea... I feel awesome now!

The 2006 edition of the Cats are once again the laughing stock around the country. Losing Su$$$. :thdn:

probably a wee bit tongue in cheek there since IIRC Vuarra doesn't care much for the other 'football'

(but thats just what i gathered from the WC threads)

Guys you are being to hard on your team. First off your first string QB was not in tonight! If you actually thought this team would win tonight then you are fooling yourself. Eakin is a good future prospect but is not ready to be prime time. Maas IMO needs half a season to get the offense in gear. The thing I have noticed is the receivers! Not good my friends this is where the problem lies. Upgrades will be needed! You can blame QBs for some of this but wow those receivers are no where helping out this team. Sorta reminds me of the Stamps game vs BC. A lot of blame was on Burris but really the whole team was bad mostly the receivers come and get E Thurmon mind you your team has guys that are out of position and drop balls. But up grades do not give up on your team. I see some good things there.

That's a good point. When was the last time one of our receivers got open? Steigel killed us last night and it wasn't our secondary's fault. He's just that good. Our guys on the other hand are just bad.

Thanks Man
I hope The Stamps win the West..
Take Care of our Danny..

Most of us Ticats Fans Miss him..

Thanx, Espo, you're exactly right.

I’m disappointed, not embarrassed or angry. I have been a Ticat fan since I first became interested in football about 1961. I loved the Cats for their great players like Garney Henley, Bernie Faloney and John Barrow, then Lewis Porter, Jimmy Edwards, Ben Zambiasi, Grover Covington, Earl Winfield, later Rocky DiPietro and Danny McManus and now DJ Flick and Rob Hitchcock. And so many more over the years, players with grit and character who are also great guys. I loved them for their menacing looking uniforms, their unique Oskee Wee- Wee cheer, Ivor Wynne Stadium, and the “lunchbucket? image of the team and fans. I still do. And I look forward to cheering for DJ, Kevin Eakin, Corey Holmes and others for years to come.

I remember the great teams of the 1960s, the special Grey Cup home win in 1972, and the super years of the 80s and the late 90s. I remember the bad years too, and the brushes with bankruptcy. I root for my team regardless.

I’ve never called for the head of our quarterback or our coach, and have been saddened when others have done so. That is what I find embarrassing. I’m sorry that Coach Marshall was let go, though I know that ultimately all coaches are hired to be fired.

Like others, I always want our team to do well. When they do, I celebrate like the most ardent of fans. When they don’t do well, I am as disappointed as anyone, but I am always hoping for improvement next game, next home stand, or next year. They always have my support as long as they wear the uniform. That applies whether we keep the same players/coaches or find new ones.

The Bob Young era is such a stroke of good fortune for the Ticats. We’re incredibly fortunate to have an owner with such commitment and with the resources to make good on it over the long haul. I hope we all appreciate that. If he gets sick of this and decides to sell the team, then we’re in real trouble.

Right now we’re going through a tough period. Team performance isn’t what it should be, and I’m concerned about the effect of this team morale and chemistry. I worry about that most of all.

I fear that strident negativity by some fans on this site contributes to the problem more than it helps. I think rudeness and mean-spirited attacks on players or other forum users are useless, and say more about the posters than about the subject of their posts. I support the club in deleting posts of this nature. I am confident that the players and management don’t pay attention to such diatribes issued by a small group of very negative fans. Remember the words of welcome we all issued to Kevin Eakin and his family when he first came here and his parents introduced themselves on this site? I wonder if they feel as welcome now as they did then. I hope so. They sure are to me.

I don’t know if we will make the playoffs this year or not. If we do, fantastic. If not, I’ll be disappointed, as I know the team will be, and I'll be looking for improvements next year. But whatever the immediate outcome, I’m still a Ticat fan, I’ll never boycott, always hope for the next opportunity to beat the Argos or anybody else. Being a fan isn’t like finding a cure for cancer, but it’s still great, win or lose.