This team sucks. If there is a god Austin won't see tomorrow and his subpar prep and game plan.

Austin needs to be fired tm end of story

Blow it up... Blow it up real good...

Fix this mess

This is F Ucking B ullshi t

No depth, all teams have injuries and have players that can step up. Every games the commentators comment on other teams because they find player to step in, Austin has too much power on player personal, the league is littered with ex Cats and playing well. Two puppet coridintors.. Starting 2 new offensive lineman to start the season?? Cutting Dyakoski , then Argos pick and trade for a pick, no running , Austin goes to the media and states Cable is back because he can block basically saying he not going to run,

When Austin first started, he had a good couple of years but defenses no exactly what to suspect now

Most penalties in the league 2 years running, couple of years in a row of slow starts.

Collaros since injured refuse to run past the line which was succes of his game., Had a great first half of a years ago but don't forget that half season is when Banks was on fire and our defense was scoring, not all Zac

No DBs 2/3 running

Letting all start kick to go which caused a couple losses last year

u want me to keep going


And replace him with who?

emergency speed dial ...rich stubler....paul lapolice..... Pinball clemons..... heckid even call Orlondo and see if I could persuade him to come back as head coach and dc

Are they staying out in Alberta for the week? If yes - kind of tough to pull the trigger and put in a replacemnt until next weekend.

My two cents?! On field play is at a all time low what else ?! Our Stadium !
I am at BMO afield for the first time for a TFC game . Holy shit this stadium is gorgeous everything from the covered upper levels to the food ! Ok we have wider seats and cup holders but hey you Argo fans I am jealous as I googled the cost 150 for BMO and 145 Million for THF man we got f_cked up the a$$ ?!$

yep but BMO isn't located in the heart of a great residential area JK

displaced: Wrong question. There are always good candidates, especially when they have an opportunity to work for Bob Young.
The real question should be "how much longer can we wait to start turning this team around?".
Austin's approach is not working and it's pretty obvious that it won't happen this year no matter who the coach is.
The rest of the CFL teams are way ahead of us already.

One way would be to make Reinbold the temporary HC and start looking for a new coach. Tillman has been a good GM in the past. Can't figure out why they had to make Austin V-P of Football Operations too.The job seems redundant if you have a GM.

This team needs a new start. We need better talent on the field and a HC who can come up with a strong bulldozer-style running game, dominant O and D lines AND a deadly pass game. If not we will never be a threat to any of the western teams. Marc Trestman and Jim Popp will change the way the East lines up for the forseeable future. Going into the semi finals with a .500 season will be a thing of the past.

I don't think Austin is up to that challenge based on the losing record we have piled up since last fall.
It's time for the Caretaker and Scott Mitchell to move on from Austin.

After seeing all the other teams play, it just might be a winless year. Of course it won't be, but it looks possible...that's what really hurts. :oops:

Yes, they will be staying and practicing in CGY.

I think maybe it’s time to start using quotation marks to qualify any football-related activity by the Ticats.

So, they’ll be “practicing” in CGY. And when they “compete” against Edmonton, we’ll find out how well they can “move the ball” and how well they can “make plays”.

Battle of the Zeros this weekend. But, this is the CFL, I wouldn't put it past them to win it, but... :expressionless:

Been there last year, while I feel for football its a major improvement from the Dome, its not that impressive IMO. The concourse is a joke and the place just feels old to me. No real new tech. But hey they have a fancy roof and lots of seats for there 5000 fans.

So much for future ticket sales?

Wait a minute....the $150 million was to refurbish not rebuild so you cannot compare. There was already millions invested prior to the Argo revamp. I just don't recall how much BMO cost in the first place..$50 million?