Embarrassing to be a Rider fan.

Wow, Montreal owns the Riders. Riders have only beat Montreal twice?

Riders need to fire Shivers, Barret, get rid of a running back and get a throwing game. It’s the CFL for ***** sakes! You can’t run the ball all day and win games!

Montreal looks dam impressive (or do the Riders just look real crappy??). Montreal is going to be very difficult for TO to beat.

I'm not embarrassed to be a fan, for one.....and it's a little of both - Montreal looks impressive, and the Riders look crappy. That's what happens when you have a bona fide quarterback vs. a wannabe quarterback.....and you missed someone.....Bellefeuille's gotta be the first one to go.....

No doubt changes need to be made but to be embrassed I do not think so. They need receivers that can catch a ball and maybe a guy that can deliver the package. But big deal it is a game. Win or lose it is entertainment. I guess Shivers after 5 years could figure out what this team really needs?

they need a new coach.....I have said that year!

so let me understand this...EE is actualy a closet rider fan and he's now embarrassed...or is he trying to put words in our mouths? I'm not embarrased at all, changes need to be made thats all. Marcel should be gone for sure, we need a QB, who knows what happens to Barret and Hall. It was inevitable for our defense to have a bad game, they been playing pretty well all year. so can't hold that against them.

Why would it be embarrassing to be a Rider fan. They may of played sub-par but they didn't give up, they didn't shut down. They lost, it happens. The seasons over, and the gear up for next year starts right now. But Am I embarrassed? Only that you are a CFL fan. And that we have to put up with dumb statements like that.

I love the Riders but they make it hard to watch them on a weekly basis. Get rid of McCallum he cost us at least three games this yr including the last one in Edmonton where he had a long kick and suprise missed it. How many shank kicks and single points can one team give up? He sucks sign the guy that kicked the million dollar kick at the Argos game at least we know he doesn't choke under pressure and has the leg strength to get the ball further than 35 yrds!!!

I think the word embarassed has been used way to much on this forum>

how can I be embarressed to be a rider fan............I cheer for my fav team in the best football league in the world.......well at least north of the 49th...........not really surprised I think you are right (holy cr@p did I just say that?) we have only beat Montreal like 4 times since they have returned to the league..........and I do believe you are right heads should roll.........time for a change.............I have said it before I will say it again one of the wisest people I know of said it best "ITS NOT EASY BEING GREEN" Kermit the Frog................next year.........yeah thats the ticket next year...............will have to decide who I should be chearing for now..........any sugestions.......can't be Edmonton..............the Eskies have laid to many ugly lickings on my riders for me to cheer for them.......................

I dont mean to rub it in but you have only beet the ALs twice.
Root for the Als
We have to get rid of the Evil Argos :mrgreen:

SASK. was just not good enough , and their lost today was to be expected.

MONTREAL , still has a good team , and they had to prove themselves today , AT HOME!...........THEY DID! They were second in the EAST , after all.

SASK. have a good team , but need a new coach and need some one who can catch the ball on a more regular basis.

HOLMES , is great .......just get a few better players.

Nothing to be emm. about , at all. Winning on the road in THE BIG O , is not that easy!!!!!!!!!!!!

When your team is down by 24 points, why the hell would you constantly throw 5-7 yard passes. Sure the Riders got a TD but took way too much time off the clock. People are gonna say you take what the defence gives you but at least try to spread the defence with a couple of long throws.

Rider fans should be embarrassed abou there team, they made the playoffs in a position that they hadn't a chance at going far in.

I'd feel the same abou the Bombers, and they aren't even IN the POs! that is more embarrassing!

OK, I don't think I made much sense then, but whatever. hope it helped

That one drive by the Riders was completely useless, it looked NFL style(sorta like the Esks recently) and took up a large portion of the time remaining, when time was completely against them. The offensive co-ordinator should be fired for that kind of stupidity.

Rider fans are as proud of their team as the rest of us are abour our own. If Edmonton were to play the second half of that game like the first I would have been severly dissapointed but never embarrassed. Give em a break after a bad playoff loss!

I'm only embarrassed that we continue to employ an offensive co-ordinator that has less than high school junior football imagination when it comes to playcalling. We run a shotgun "draw", and throw underneath on 5 yard hooks, plus the odd hitch pass that fools nobody.

Why on earth would anyone be afraid of us, especially if they can put a couple touchdowns on the board early? All they have to do is kick a couple field goals from then on, and they'll still have enough points to win.

Changes must be made to this team for us to go forward.

The Riders main problem is turnovers. And that, my friends, is not the coaches' fault.

While that's true third that we have had too many turnovers, we should have schemes that help the players out as well.

Having QB's that put the ball where it's sposed to be and receivers that can catch that ball won't hurt tho. :slight_smile:

Why would we be embarrassed to cheer for our favorite team ? That was a stupid comment.

......I disagree my friend, I think the coaches need to be involved in the team dietary needs and when they notice all the turnovers are gone from the breakfast buffett they need to put a stop to the overeating and switch to say fruit or something.....