Embarrassed to call myself a Ticat fan.

This team is an embarrassment to professional football. How the #@*> did Marwan Hage ever make an all-star team. The offensive line is a sieve, the receivers give half-hearted attempts to make a catch, and we couldn't pressure a pee-wee football team with our pass rush.

I feel sorry for players like Chris Thompson and Nick Setta who belong on a professional team.

P.S. To Chris Baumann... when you make a catch, try to run forward instead of looking around to see who is going to hit you. This guy could be a real good receiver in this league, but it seems every time he makes a catch he's looking for the turf.

Sorry if this is a rant, but I usually see a ray of light at the end of the tunnel after most of our games. Tonight, that light was a freight train!!!!

its not the many loyal fans who should be embarrassed...

:twisted: [u][b]its the players..[/b][/u]

after all, they are drawing a salary!

I do think its funny though, because did anyone expect anything better tonight?

Ive been commenting about the OLINE all year while others were busy blaming Printers, Williams, and Taaffe...

At BC is one of the toughest games on the schedule and its one that a lot of eastern teams lose.

Tonight hasn't changed my opinion of the team, they are young, have some talent and with some vets on the OLine can be a solid team next year..

Took this long to become embarrassed? :roll:

Embarrassed?! I am way past that. To the players who are playing with effort and heart, I salute you. As for the rest of you, you are the most pathetic bunch of losers I have had the misfortune of watching.

I think you are an embarasment to Hamilton Tiger Cat Fans...a fan goes to games...a good fan might travel out of town for a game...a TRUE FAN NEVER GIVES UP and sure as hell never stops fighting!...you are not a fan in my books...I don't care how long you sat in section who cares, or how long you have posted on this sight...you make me sick!

Ian L


[quote="76er"]a fan goes to games...a good fan might travel out of town for a game...a TRUE FAN NEVER GIVES UP and sure as hell never stops fighting!

8) You've just perfectly described all Leaf fans to a tee !!!! :lol:

I am embarassed when I hear people indiscriminantly badmouth a collection of individuals
when the vast majority of these individuals are giving a good account of themselves.

8) This team is actually an embarrassement to the entire CFL !! What is it now, 4 consecutive years out of the playoffs !! Not a pretty picture at all !!!
  Constant turnover in coaches, players and management, and still no better results to show for it  !!

  Without a doubt, Obie and Mr. Mitchell certinly owe the long suffering season ticket holders an explanation about yet another disasterous season  !!!!         <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

  It's going to take a lot more than the 25% discount to prevent a lot more fans from giving up on this promise filled outfit  !!!      <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

When I once this year called up thier offices with complaints they responded with "This is our team not the fans so we will do what we want to do with it" Yes Bob Young owns this team and has the last say but the fans pay for your life style buddy!Those connections and partys are only held because you own this team in Hamilton! Yes I said HAMILTON not the states where he resides or hides as you may want to put it! On top of this teams terriable play, bad coaching, bad record, we had many old timers die this season who have made this city proud! I am a person who see things and am right because I am a realist and trust me Mr Bob Young when you said you dont care about tradition you destroyed alot of heart and tradition in this city! Thanks Mr Bob Young! :wink:

I hate to say it But I agree I am Embarrassed..
40 to 10 The score alone Pisses me off
But the 10 Sacks The Hoggies should be ashamed to cash there Pay Cheques.

I have never Cheered for the Visitor at IWS in my 30 years as Fan.
But The last game Of This Season I hope Calgary Kicks our ass.
This is not football team this is a Joke on us Fans.
I am not Laughing anymore... I am Angry Pissed off and Disheartened
I am Tired of Being The joke of The CFL and Where the Punch The line .
They Fired Charlie for his Poor job vs BC..
What Happens when go to BC The same Dam Thing .

:oops: [b] Blowen out. 40 to 10 with 10 Sacks[/b]

I did think we win but I thought we keep in close..
Not 40 to 10...with 10 Sacks

Anyone have a Calgary Jersey they Can Lend me

I'll use my Ticat one for Toliet Paper

8) WOW Tom, why don't you tell us how you really feel !! :wink:

I bleed Black and Gold My Friend
Their lucky I had Sleep before I posted..
I was 20 Times Worst then this at 2 AM Today.
I am holding back