Embarassed more by the fans than the team....

I can't believe the amount of drunken morons that can't keep their mouth shut for more than 15seconds during a moment of silence. At Taylor Field we honored the brave men and women who gave their lives so we could enjoy the CFL. People who deserve the utmost respect and admiration and are called the greatest generation for a reason. So during the 1 minute they ask to be silent to remember their sacrifice, 1 minute, its startes with one moron and then to many to count join in. I have never been so embarassed and felt the need to find ever single one of those people and ship them to afganistan and see if they still make asses of them selves the next time we honor our heros. I know we have sold out every game this year but i think those select few have sold out a lot more and need a wake up call.

Thats not limited to Regina that happens everywhere for all types of things. Vancouver was classes for chanting that USA was over rated at the world junoirs. (still my favorite chant ever started at a game that I have attended Osgood slightly behind because his name just works so well to taunt.) Take some solace in the fact that most people when they drink are morons and its not limited to Regina.

Remember when the people in San Jose booed the Canadian national antheme during the playoffs and everyone figured the people in Edmonton was going to boo the American one in retaliation and instead they cheered. That is class.

Not just in Regina, watching the ceremony in Winnipeg there was at least one jerk yelling during the moment of silence as well. That being said, don't paint the whole crowd with the same brush. One moron does not take away from another 50 some thousand true fans in both cities who showed the proper respect. Both cities should be commended as well for the moving tributes to those who died for our freedoms.

I think Montreal sports fans are the worst when it comes to showing respect in ceromonies like these.

I think part of the problem is Stadium management at Mosaic. I watched the game on TV and the crowd seemed to be acting like boors. I also noticed that throughout the game, pretty much every time they showed a shot of a fan or group of Rider fans, they were swilling beer.

Maybe Mosaic management needs to excercise better judgement about who and how many beers they serve.

I would hate to be a fan driving home - imagine the number of drunks on the road? It seems to me that since the RCMP training centre is in Regina, they should do a bit of field training for the recruits and set up roadblocks - they would probably do a pretty brisk DWI business.

Everyone says the best fans in the league are Riders fans - I strongly dispute that. The best fans are Hamilton fans - look at how many have continued to show up and how faithful they remain despite the Cats dismal past few seasons - that is the sign of a good fan - as opposed to getting hammered and throwing things at the opposing teams.

There may be something to this. But you have to be careful to think that TSN's camera shots are proportional to/representative of all the fans in the stands - right or wrong, it doesn't make interesting television to show a row of fans sitting on their hands.

In addition, be careful not to mistake boorishness for passion. Wouldn't deny for a minute that there are the boors, but there is alot of passion. I think I've had two beers in the last 10-ish games I have attended (only one in Mosaic, where I didn't have one of those two) and I get into the games pretty good. At away games, I often find that the passionate (but not drunk) Rider fans are the "diversionary entertainment" for the home crowd in between plays - this may also be true of other teams' fans, I don't know. I've never experienced anything but getting and giving good, friendly ribbing, but I am not at all shy to show my colours.

Then by your own standard, Rider fans may not be the best but they must rank right up there. The Riders hold the record for consecutive years to not make a playoff appearance (maybe Hamilton is shooting for that record!!); yet the fans stuck with them and they never folded or got bailed out by the league or other teams once (but did by those very fans who you think are not the best).

It happened in Winnipeg too, nobody has the patent on stupid people, they are everywhere.

I was also annoyed at the people who were yelling during the moment of silence but I didn't expect too much different. There were only a few people who couldn't keep their mouths shut. You'll find that in every stadium. Every time I've been to a sports game, whether it's football, hockey, or baseball there are always people like that in the stands. The crowd was actually pretty well behaved at this game. I sat in Section 27 behind the Leos bench and it was pretty tame. People were loud and some were drinking and those are usually the people TSN gets on camera. Murphy tried to stir up the crowd but for the most part people ignored him.

Anyone who doesn’t think that Hamilton fans won’t “swill” the odd beer, has never been to a Grey Cup Week celebration. The Cats have some of this countries finest beer Swillers.

Is it just me or are the Lions fans the sorest winners in the CFL, you won the game, you should be happy. Why do you need to put down the Rider fans, who may or may not be the best fans in the CFL but they are far and away better fans than the Lions have.

It’s not just you. We’ve kind of learned to accept that there is a certain (overly vocal on this website) segment of B.C. fans that can neither win nor lose with any form of class whatsoever…and yes, the same can be said there are personalities of that calibre for each fanbase, but it does appear that B.C. is over-represented.

I don't mind the attacks on ther Riders but I take umbredge to the unprovoked attacks on the beer swillers. I am a swiller from way back, even enjoyed some swilling at "Taylor Field" back in the days when you had to smuggle your own into the stadium. Don't blame the beer swillers, no self respecting swiller would throw beer. It costs too much to waste.

YOU ARE SOOOOO BITTER. Your team lost - get over it and quit acting like poor sports.

In case none of you noticed, the thread was started by a Rider fan. Predx (lions fan) immediately came on to state that Regina does not have a monopoly on classless fans. Then a few of you start lobbing grenades at Lions fans?

You all need to quit your crying and acting like a bunch of children. MAN up! When the Riders were winning, many of you couldn't say enough, so when you lost you got it right back, but now you call others 'classless' for doing exactly what you've been doing for a long time. By the way, disagreeing with a "moderator" should not be enough reason to edit/delete posts or get suspended.

This forum is for ALL CFL fans, even those whose teams dont wear green.


I'm not bitter at all, and predicted a Rider a week before it happened. I'm over it entirely - and I am in no way a poor sport about it.

I don't care who started the thread, or who has responded; I responded to an Eskimo fan addressing a point he observed.

Again, I'll say I refuse to man up, on grounds that I, nowhere on my person, am in possession of a penis. I'd like you to point out to me where, in this thread, I suggested that disagreeing with me would result in your posts being deleted or your account being suspended, please. If the answer is nowhere, as it should be, then you are officially off-topic.

Pure gold brother. :thup:

I didn't CALL you a poor sport, I said you were ACTING like one! :lol: :lol: :lol: Poor sports cry when their team doesn't win and go on to label the winners with everything derogatory they can, apparently for many days after a loss. :cry: :cry: :cry:

She's not crying she's making an observation. Lions do have a lot of fans that like to stir up stuff especially after they win. We have Swirvin and RLR who isn't around as much an dthey have Turkey. Those are like the big boys who like to stir stuff up. Difference is RLR and Swirvin like the confrentional kind of stiring up while Turkey just posts tounge in cheek. Whether I agree with said observation is a different story but I saw no whining.

Well, the Riders aren't my team, they're simply a team I cheer for when they play. I said nothing in that post that I haven't voiced over the past few years, based on my own observations. I wasn't aware I was acting like a poor sport, either; if I were, my attitude would have changed entirely from Saturday morning to Saturday afternoon. I assure you, it hasn't. If you still think, however, that I am acting as a poor sport since the Riders lost, I defy you to find evidence where I've cried about it. Feel free to search the entire forum. I'm waiting...

Well said, dt.

If I had been one of the ones crying about the loss, he'd have a point. If I had been one of the ones thumping their chests when the Riders were hot this year, he'd have a point. If I was one of the ones making excuses when they lost, he'd have a point. Since I did none of those things, it wasn't exactly well-said.

people stop judging each other, no group of fans are perfect. At every game there are drunk rowdys, that get upset when their team loses. It has happened for years, and this year is no different. In Regina, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Hamilton, Montreal, Edmonton, and Calgary, there are people are very passionate about their teams and when are drunk, do not make common sense decisions, likje yelling out during moments of silences, throwing beer cans, and throwing snowballs.