Emails to Mayor Fred

Hey guys, a while back all of us were encouraged to email the mayor and I sent him a rather stern one, proclaiming my disgust for the whole WH situation. I never expected a reply, but got this, thought I would share it.

Good morning Ryan,

Through this whole process we should not lose sight of the excitement the Pan Am Games will bring to Hamilton and the legacy it will leave. This is an opportunity for Hamilton to make its mark on the international stage. Hamilton will be a main participant with the 2015 Pan American Games.

Council has directed the City Manager to bring all the parties together, including the Hamilton Tiger Cats to work on a solution for the stadium location. All parties, the city, province and Hostco must now move on with the planning and executing of the Games.

Regardless of the stadium location, there will be development of the West Harbour, downtown and waterfront. The future health and vitality of our community depends largely on the strength and success of the city’s emerging downtown districts and revitalizing our waterfront. It is part of our overall long-term vision. We need to move forward immediately to develop the West Harbour. We will move forward on this basis.

In the end, we all care for the future of Hamilton and want to work together in achieving the optimal result for our city.

Mayor Fred

An interesting pile o' bull. He's obviously not giving up on the WH site and I for one won't be surprised to see HOSTCO kill the whole thing a week from now.

i got the same email, he sent the same one to everyone.

What he's saying is he's holding Hostco, the Tigercats and PanAm games hostage until he gets what he wants for his WH.

Good luck with that.


The Mayor is making a mockery out of the Pan Am Games using it for strict political purposes for the most part, using a minority partner the TigerCats in the process. Why doesn't he just call it the Pan Am Rheem Site Cleanup Project and forget using the word stadium at all.