Emailing the TiCats

Has anyone attempted to contact the TiCats by email before? I've emailed them twice and never gotten a response. I've emailed other sports teams before and they're usually back to me in a couple days. Anyone else have this issue?

Did you just use the generic Hamilton Tiger-Cats

I sent it to the customer service email. Maybe I'll try a few other email addresses on their site. I know that the company I work for tends to react a lot faster when they directly email a person and not just the CS email. It's moves pretty quick internally.


(though if anyone else has any feedback I'd love to hear it)

I have emailed managers and directors and have received relatively quick responses. Not always what I wanted to hear, but at least a reply to my query or issue.

Funny you should ask. I responded to the email request for feedback about the stadium after the last game and I received a telephone call today in response. Unfortunately, I was out but the caller left a detailed message outlining all of my comments and concerns and thanked me for responding. I am not saying he solved everything, but he did explain the situation.

For those who have been concerned about the catering by Levy, he specifically mentioned our concerns there and said that they are working with Levy to improve the service and the concerns expressed by fans.

I have also had calls from the office when I was having trouble with the website connection and with accessing with my password.

So my response is a definite yes, I have heard back on several occasions and on several issues.

I’ve always had decent communication from the Cats. On the other hand, something went wrong with my profile on here and despite emails and posts I never heard a word from the CFL Mods and ended up starting a new profile (when I tried to log in I couldn’t and when I asked for a new password reset it was never sent). So in some ways still a Mickey Mouse league - which I find very frustrating. Incidentally, I wonder if others haven’t experienced the same as the number of posts overall seems to be down this year.

Okay so it's probably just taking a little longer for a reply. It's just I'm a newer fan and not from Canada so I got a little paranoid they were ignoring my email.

I'll wait it out a few more days I guess.

I can tell from first hand experience that the Cats are light years ahead of dealing with the NBA.
A couple of years ago I was going to spend a month in Florida and didn't want to miss any Raptor games (which are non exisistent in the US). So I signed up for the NBA league pass. I had tried for weeks to get a hold of someone, anyone associated with this service and finally got an email explaining l could only stream the game the day after. I was ok with this. So, here I am in Florida and because my account was an International account I could not access the web site. I told them I was going to be in the US. Tried to talk to someone for three straight luck, tried to get money back,,,no luck. Brutal customer service.
So, I used a free VPN and got what I needed. Most people wouldn't know how to do this.

After this experience, I won't complain about most other customer service requests. In my experience the cats are fabulous at getting back to you.

They're usually pretty quick, however last week I emailed about never receiving my SSH benefits card in the mail and I haven't heard back. Maybe I'll send them another one...

EDIT: the one I sent was to the customer service address as well. Maybe they're busy or slow on that one.

Im sure the Hold Up is Canada Post atm not sorting mail