emailing the league

I noticed a lot of people complain about certain things on these forums and that is great for discussion, but the league doesn't get the complaints. I emailed the league several times and I have received a response. :thup:

If you want to email anyone in the CFL league just use the first initial of the name and the last name followed by
for example Mark Cohon's email is etc.................

Good or bad your opinion matters ! TIGERTOWN !! :thup:

If you are emailing to complain I sure hope you are adding a suggestion to fix the problem. Otherwise you're just whining. And I'm sure Mr Cohan ain't got time for babies. Not saying you were complaining TC. Just a food for thought for anyone entertaining the idea of emailing to whine. Cough cough Robofan cough

Yah Right, nice thought though if it actually worked. I e-mailed the league about a number of problems from marketing to officiating and always the right person but the problems still exist, NO Changes, nothing done, no replies, NO NOTHING.

The only person who has ever replied back to me on issues of the CFL is our Team Owner "Caretaker" Bob Young and local media Steve Milton and Drew Edwards the rest might be interested but too busy to reply to just an average CFL fan!!

Save your complaints for the football game when you shout at the Refs that's about as far as you will get in getting your message out!

I have received several responses under Mark Cohon's tutelage :thup:

Ticats nemesis? Jake Ireland star of the show or the real 13th man?

There is a forum for comments on the ref site!! Have at them Ticat Fans :rockin:

Its not just the penalties, its the non calls IE Holding ,obstruction non calls on the line , these of course are "judgment calls"