Email the commissioner about Schultz' s fine!

It's time that Rider fans stand up to these incompetent boobs in the CFL office and tell them to take a hike!

With airheads like this, no wonder the CFL has no credibility outside of Canada.

Go to the Contact the CFL at the bottom of the home page and voice your displeasure!

A little overdramatic, don't you think? It's a fine, not a life sentence.....

and the acadamy award for best melodramatic performance goes to

and not like it was totally unmerited

Whoa there. Someone's got their knickers bunched up their butt crack. "Calm down, have some dip."

gotta give dariderfan some credit for acknowledging that a rider player got away with a slap on the wrist. Imagine a rider fan having the integrity to stand and demand that a rider player get the real punishment that he deserves :twisted:

does anyone know how much he got fined?

they said undisclosed amount on sportscenter, no idea if the ammount was mentioned on any other sports channel.

I havent heard any different, I can't imagine that it was a large amount if they won't say how much it is. But my question is this. How can a player get fined/suspended on a perfectly legal hit?

HE HIT THE QB IN THE HEAD WITH HIS HELMET, READ THE THE RULES THATS A ILLEGAL HIT, it maybe have been worth a fine, maybe not. but it was very dirty.

its only a dirty hit if he meant to hit him in the helmet andor if he meant to injure him. It is clear to anyone objective that he was aiming lower, that his intent was only to tackle, maybe cause a fumble, and that Wynn ducked into his helmet.

helmet on helmet.

thats a illegal dirty hit and they fined him. move on, he deserved it

personally, I dont care if they fined suspended or did nothing. What gets me is that one guys is only fined while another guy is suspended. The only rational I can think of is that in their judgement, the one helmet to helmet was intentional, while the other was not.

Helmet to helmet tackles are legal in the CFL, as long as there is no intent to injure. Was there a flag on the play? No, meaning it was a legal hit. Perhaps you should have a look at the rules.

Be thankful that a fine is all he got. IMO he deserved more and this is coming from a diehard Rider fan.

Not on a QB they arent...

I challenge you to find and post any rule that directly and clearly backs up what you say without it being subject to interpretation Cause I can find no such rule, which surprised me.

Butlers fine was $1000 for the ssame thing.

Yup make up your own rules to suit your team! If migs thinks he should have got more I would believe him.

as far as i know this is an illegal hit. he got the fine he deserves under the cfl rules. it’s really the rule that needs work.

quoting george black "we're trying to enforce a rulebook that says you cannot contact a quarterback above the shoulders. period. we can't determine intent. we'd have to be mindreaders. sympathetically, in schultz's case, wynn ducks alittle bit."
leader post 07/28/06

as far as i know this is an illegal hit. he got the fine he deserves under the cfl rules. it's really the rule that needs work.