Email sent to the CFL, Your thoughts?

Calgary Stampeders fan here, 15 year season ticket holder, could be my last year unless you as the governing bodies give us in the West some favorable home start times. Case #1, we sat around all day long and enjoyed the sun and mid 20 degree temperature on July 1st awaiting the home opener at 20:00 local time only to sit in the driving rain all night long, families brought their young children to watch the fire work afterward but in all honesty it was a wet rainy midnight before we got in our car to head home, why would we not have an afternoon game scheduled?
Case #2, why can we not have an afternoon weekend start? Why always at 19:00 Friday and Saturday nights, those are the working class folks evenings to take the wife’s out for date night. Case #3 Labor Day classic, I know the answer to all of the above questions will equate to TV times and TV revenue from the TSN network, but why did you have to adjust our start time to 17:30 so the Argos can have the late afternoon start? Do you think all the Argos and tiger cat fans are going to rush home to watch the western version of the Labor Day classic? And if you would stop broadcasting games that are not sold out you would get more fans in the stands. Things in the CFL world cannot revolve around the City of Toronto; you should realize that all of the football fans in that deranged city would adopt another US based sports team and abandon our beloved game in a heart beat. TSN now has two channels use them to satisfy all of the fans across the country not just the selfish non supportive fans in Toronto.

Although i do agree about the whole Toronto revolving thing cause that is bull, don't wine, TSN and ALOT of people out there don't even consider it a major sport anymore. It's dumb i know, but what can you do?

PS: My suggestion to the wife dinner thing.....................Don't be so wipped

My thoughts?

Quit friggen whining, all teams have crappy sched's with even crappier times,

Get over it!

Everyone else has

If this forum has taught me anything, then it’s that Toronto fans are the happiest in the league.

Scooter, I would imagine that you're hoping that the Argos go defunct any way possible so things can be straightened around? That's an argument as some say Toronto with no team would be the best thing for the CFL in the long run. You sure you're not friends with Phil Lind and Larry Tannenbaum? :wink:

Who to say that it isn't going to rain whatever time the game starts. It rains in the afternoons too and the sched. makers aren't going to know the weather for the season when the make the sched. I'd also like to point out that fireworks don't really work in the middle of the afternoon anyways. They kinda don't stick out of the sky as much which is kinda the point isn't it.

Alot of people have stuff to do during the day, no matter what people will complain about how horrible the start times are. I personally like the later games because I'm not cooking in the sun. I like it when the sun starts going down and you start getting that nice breeze and your sitting in the stands, feels kinda nice but it would be nice to have a time where I'm not getting home at midnight because I have to get up at 4:30 in the morning to go to work. All the games last year I missed because they were Thursday starts and I had to get up in the morning. Which kinda sucks because all the games I went to last year the Eskies won, their first loss at home was the first game I missed.

The Blackouts in theory could work but reality is a different beast when they are enforced. I mean televising the games is the CFL's best advertising and besides when the league has gone full bore on the blackouts it also been coincidentally when the league has struggled both at the gate and on tube. Look at happened to the Blackhawks when the owner didn't want people seeing the games for free. They had all the game on PPV and people stopped going to the games and they also stopped caring about the Hawks. I think this is an out of site out of mind kind of situation, I mean die hards would go but the casual fans who represent most of the people who go to CFL games would just do something else.

I'd like to point out that TSN/CFL is a business and a business is in business to make money. Toronto and the Ontario market being the size they are is where the TSN/CFL makes most of its money.

The schedule goes through 40 or 50 revisions until the broadcasters and teams say they're satisfied with it. It's not like the league doesn't put any effort into it.

Although I admit that it's more TV friendly than fan friendly.

the schedule is the way it is because of TSN.

pretty simple explanation.

If the schedule were done to your specifications, scooter, then people would be signing up to complain about "all those afternoon games...I do yard work or go to the cottage on summer afternoons...why don't they play games in the evenings when people aren't doing anything?"

Everyone has their preferences, and the league can't just do things your way, because they'd be ticking off lots of others. All season ticket holders deal with some crappy game dates and lousy start times that don't fit in with their personal schedule. All season ticket holders (except those wimps in Toronto and B.C. :stuck_out_tongue: ) put up with horrible weather. If it's bad enough that you're willing to give up the experience of being a season ticket holder, that's truly unfortunate. But don't expect everyone else to change their lives to accommodate you.


too much complaining going on around here.....people upset about not getting the free tickets they wanted and about start times being in the evening instead of the afternoon. :thdn:

I'm not complaining about the starts, I mean if I can't make a game then so be it, I can't go but thats what television is for.

Start times for me here on the Left Coast are just fine. Any earlier and they'd be way too early. As it is the first Friday game starts at 4:30 and I have to keep an eye on it while at the office.

There really is no perfect time when you are trying to accommodate six time zones.

The Cats requested an earlier labour day game because of all of the troubles we had last year with so many people staying at home and drinking all day.

Complain all you want but you aren't going to accomodate everyone. If you don't like the schedule don't go to the games. It's really that simple.

Rain can happen at any time and your not going to make all 8 teams happy. TSN tv contract has made the cfl a solid league. Unlike cbc which only did games after labour day. The double headers need to be 3 hours apart, to ensure you see the start of the 2nd game or miss a couple of minutes. The exposure the CFL gets on TSN, far out weighs the fair weather fans whinning. Real fans shut up and show up. Labour day, nobody's rushing any where. Toronto and BC will not sell out their domes. Even when Flutie was in Tor, they struggled to get 30 000. The more exposure they get in those two markets is positive. Most of the people in B.C and TOR have no interest in going to the games. But some have kids and they may want to watch and than bug Mom and Dad to take them to the game. Some how the league and the Argos lost a generation of fans.

My God, Stop Complaining, Why should give the fans in the west everything they want?
I hope they don't respond to you, because CFL needs less whiny fans.

Are you blaming the CFL for it raining on the Season opener? It rained in Hamilton all day. So stop complaining.
Case 2
= Argonauts have no late day start times on weekends all 1PM, I would prefer 4 PM can we trade?
Bo Hoo that you can't take your wife out for dinner for a 7PM start time on Friday night. on a max of 10 Fridays a year (thats a max) there is 52 other fridays you could do this why did you have to pick a CFL home date?
Case 3: It was juts last year they went with a 7PM EST Start time for the labour day game. Alot of Drunk fans and problems in the stadium, Again why should the CFL have to satisfy you? And for the record we goto the bar and watch the western game after almost all home games and even labour day.

Stop broadcasting games when stadium not sold out?
the Argos tried this and it killed their attendance back in the 90's

im a huge stamps fan as well(as most everyone here now knows) and i am in total disagreeance with this stoopid letter. i need the late start games, as i work in the poil patch and am never home early(unless it rains). also, i live a few hours away, so i need a late start if i want to go to a game. blackouts? really? how the heck am i susposed to watch a game thats blacked out, and starts early? also, i love the whole cfl, so i like being able to watch every game. i feel thats partly why the schedual is the way it is. so a person can watch every game, as every game matters in a small league. also, the fact is, toronto needs to have the good time spots, because we need to grow that market. much of the west seems to be doin fairly good, so lets try to build on the market that has the most potential.