I have to agree with Stomp on this one. Never mind Bill Kelly I have never found to be an individual with a lot of journalistic integrity or even a degree of Candor which at least Scott Thompson displays.

In either case, if these investors aren't public about their investment for a site and don't communicate any interest in investing in a site, how exactly do you expect city hall, or anyone for that matter to make a decision based on it. If these phantom investors are present and clinging to the Cats then why aren't the Cats publicly saying "We have these private sector partners who will contribute this much to the site." No one can make a decisions on private sector money if not even token interest is communicated.

If Kelly can't produce actual sources, then it amounts to him blowing hot air and we are left with only $55 million in higher government funding, not $160. He's skewing the issue to favor his own position on the issue and using drama to increase or pander to his listener base.

This was actually posted at 1:49pm.

Bill Kelly is a very well respected person who has served his time of the Hamilton City Council. I can only suggest the person(s) who passed this little tid bit on wish to remain unknown until this entire mess is finally put to bed. I also suggest the people behind the scenes who will actually make or break this deal have far more knowledge of the actual facts than you and I.

Merry Christmas

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What?..get off the bus ?..Terry doesn’t want to go to West Harbour either?

At least Terry responded to someone....hes ignored my emails.

Whitehead can go shove it you know where, I don't respect him. He comes across to me as someone who isn't that well versed, shall we say, or well read. The TigerCats not a true partner when they've agree to some 8 sites? What a friggin imbecible idiot the man is. Terry, take your hat off, you might actually be able to think for a change, goofball. Here's what I received from a much classier man than Whitehead could ever be:
Thank you for contacting me with your views and comments regarding yesterday's Special Council meeting dealing with the Pan Am Stadium, and in particular having Confederation Park evaluated. I apologize for not being able to respond back individually to each of you but as you can imagine I have been inundated with a large volume of calls and e-mails on this subject, and as such need to provide this general update.

Unfortunately Council has decided NOT to ask City staff for an evaluation of Confederation Park, even though City Manager Chris Murray advised that he COULD provide a useful report within the timeframe allowed (January 14, 2011).

So, the future of the Ti-Cats in Hamilton is now imperiled.

So is the loss of government funding estimated at close to $100 Million.

As your new Mayor, I appreciate hearing from you on many matters related to City business. Let me take this opportunity to wish you all the best of the season and a Happy New Year.


Bob Bratina
Mayor of Hamilton[/i]

You aren’t missing much…except changing stories… :roll:

He tells one person it’s time to get off the bus and then admits to me yesterday (after he found out I overheard him say something the other day) that he wants Bob to go to the West Harbour…so which is it?

Quote from part of an e-mail from yesterday:

“A question was asked, what will happen now? I stated I would hope that the Tiger Cats would reconsider the West Harbour.”

BUSTED ! :wink:

Good job council.

Thank you for saving Confederation Park.

Wherever the stadium’s actual location is in the park,
the enjoyment of the park visitors would not be lost.

People will still be able to enjoy the Wave Pool,
miniature golf and the places to eat at the park

and the wonderful trail running beside the “lawn”

which qualifies as “green” space to some councillors.

If Hamiltonians want to engage in the kind of recreation
people do at a natural retreat they can go to Fifty Point.


Cap’n, you know the costs of the last 2 sites
considered were too rich for the city’s blood

so the City isn’t putting them back on the table

Sadly, like some councillors It appears you believe
the Ticats will cave in and accept the Rheem site.

That is likely what makes you so confident
that this stadium issue can be resolved.

Consider this…the park is losing $400,000 per year today

Building the stadium there could help the bottom line
by attracting more commercial development there.

As well, in reality, Confederation Park is the only way
the city can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat

Confederation Park is owned by the city
so there is no cost to purchase the land

and if it passes an environmental assessment

the costs of building it there should be doable.

Thanks council for not allowing Mr. Murray to do his job. Hey, I'd love to work for the city, I'm prepared to do a job but council tells me to sit and relax and hang out instead of working. Interesting council we have here. :roll:

I don’t believe that.

Nor would I use the term “cave” I prefer a newly, mutually satisfying arrangement.

That is likely what makes you so confident that this stadium issue can be resolve.
No. Other reasons make me believe that. Primarily, the Tiger-Cats are running out of options, and they need a new stadium more than the city does. That, I believe, is the bottom line in all of this.

No Kirk, the reality is that Bob Young needs this team, the financial losses and the grief it all brings him like a freaking hole in his head.

The fact is that he is money ahead if he sits the team down.

At this point, I seriously wouldn't blame him if he walks into council at the next meeting, brings all the football equipment in a truck and tosses the keys on the floor ...... and says it's all yours, knock yourselves out !

.......and what is this?....a sick joke? The Spec just posted this in it's letter to the editor section (see link below), yes, on Dec 25

It includes ridiculous garbage like this:

"The late injection of Bob Young and “his? Tiger-Cats into this process had the amateurish odour of the team owner trying to leverage the supposed importance of “his? Tiger-Cats into the process.

Hey Bob, the stadium came into being because of nothing to do with you or “your? team. Further news flash Bob (and Ticats president Scott Mitchell), it’s not about you, or “your? team, or “your? stadium!"


"the childish behaviour of Young and Mitchell and the gleeful hand rubbing of those collecting the pieces as Hamilton drops the ball all make me weep for the supposed future of this city."

So, there's Bob's Christmas gift from the Spectator......nice eh ? :roll:

[url=] ... ivic-pride[/url]

In a lengthy e-mail to me, my new councillor said we can't afford a stadium because we don't have the money......well, without going into detail, I'm going to send her a response she won't soon forget. Going by her broken logic, I guess nobody can afford a new car loan, a new house mortgage, a new small business loan, a new baby in the family, an education student loan, a farm loan......and the list goes on. I mean, how many of us has the cash in the bank for any of this stuff ? technically, we can't afford anything in our lives.

Something new I found out through a bit of inquiring is that Canada wouldn't have had a national railway (CPR) if John A. McDonald hadn't had a vision even though he only had maybe 10% of the funding needed at the time. Hamilton has pretty much 80% of the funding in place with more available through creative bookkeeping at the provincial and federal levels.

Also, how did we afford to spend $74 million to renovate a perfectly good city hall ? (mostly ok'd by the same councillors you see today)

How do we afford an art galley ? Copps ? City parks? arenas ?

How can we afford to turn down $100 million dollars ?

......lucky for us people like Ron Joyce, and Charles Juravinski and yes, Bob Young didn't wait till they had a bazillion dollars in their piggy banks to pursue their most cases they started out pretty much penniless.....ask Ron Joyce how bad it was.

.....anyhow, Merry Christmas to all 8) (logging off to enjoy the day with the family)

Using your logic, then it would make more sense for caretaker to sell the team since he’d be even more money ahead, as you say.

[i]He noted Ticat owner Bob Young is an experienced businessman who would understand the dynamic of 11th-hour deals.

Whitehead said he has talked to major players in the business of developing sports and entertainment precincts, and they have said they could make the city’s original west harbour site work as a viable destination…

…Whitehead said he’s looking for a last-gasp Hail Mary pass to rescue the stadium situation that could involve a new owner for the Ticats.

“But they say the team isn’t for sale, which means it has value and suggests they aren’t losing as much as they say, or perhaps see far more revenue potential here.?

He believes there are parties who would be interested in buying the team and playing out of a west harbour location.[/i]

[url=] ... l-possible[/url]

Well there are parties out there to buy anything in this world, for the right price. Of course something needs to be for sale first and my understanding Terry is the team isn't for sale. But hey, pony up enough cash and Bob might listen to you or your friends. But of course I'm sure the people looking to buy the team are looking to buy it for a song and Bob has the money to not have to sell to these panhandler types. So keep dreaming Terry Bob is not going to give away the team and he won't cave in to any deadline here because he doesn't have to. He might not be able to find another location for the team, true enough. But he can put this team into hibernation for some years and wait. And wait, and wait.

Put the team into hibernation, and wait, and wait ? This is your opinion on how to resolve this issue? Brilliant, just brilliant!!!

Not suggesting that stomp. However, if tactics are being employed on both sides, then I believe an "active waiting" strategy on Bob's part might happen, along the lines of this Harvard Business Review article. Bob will not be threatened into deadlines of any nature I believe to get something done just in order to save this government funding for a stadium at this time if it doesn't make sense to him and the business of the TigerCats and the larger business of the CFL:

Strategy as Active Waiting

[url=]http://www.foundationforeuropeanleaders ... ms/207.pdf[/url]

Sounds to me like this is what Katz/AEG is doing.

Could this be why their deadlines seem to get pushed back in perfect synchronicity with HOSTCO’s?

Could be Captain, it’s all a waiting game and cat and mouse sort of thing.