says....Chris Murray - City Manager

I called all the councillors and wished them a very merry x-mas, oskee wee wee :cry: :thdn:

Up here in Kitchener/Waterloo I can tell you people are laughing and puzzled by Hamilton City Council. There is $100 Million of Ontario and Canadian taxpayer money available and they are unable to receive it. The people of Hamilton re-elected a Council obviously incompetent of acting in their best interests. What company or organization would want to set up shop in such a backward governed community? Most cities would open their arms to a job creating business person like Bob Young, but the socialists in Hamilton have too much jealousy and contempt for a self-made man. My hope is that somehow the Tiger Cats are able to stay in Hamilton, but after yesterday's vote I don't care anymore. Maybe Bob moves the team up here: 500,000 population, IT community, forward thinking politicans, and a one hour drive from London, west GTA, and the good TiCat fans in poor ol' Hamilton.

It's the only governemt I know that cant take "yes" for an answer.

I would have no problem coming to Kitchener to watch TiCat football.
Just ridiculous how incompetent our council really is. Like you said why would any business want to come here?
And if we lose the stadium and the TiCats, were also losing Bob’s other company’s that run out of Hamilton; that apparently have a huge economic benefit to this city (Scott Mitchell’s radio interview last night).

The biggest thing that bothers me with this council is how stupid can you be to vote against the idea of gaining more information for a location. They make decisions without information and thats why this city is so upside down!

Bob its been good - but wish you luck in the new city you take the TiCats and your other business ventures… :frowning:

What he said was there may be time to complete a PRELIMINARY report regarding setbacks and placement. NOT a comprehensive plan incorporating infrastucture and road changes that would obviously be required.

Bob, please move the team to Ottawa.

Mayor Bratina… on Prime Time Sports Fan 590 December 22nd episode

I emailed Terry whitehead this morning. Here is my email and his reponse.

Me to Terry:


I must say, I am very surprised at your vote yesterday. In the past, follow local politics on a few occasion, I have seen the ability in you to be reasonable and an actual leader among few on council. In fact, my money is on you in the next election to be our next mayor. But you vote yesterday really surprised me. It was a motion to review the costs, not to build. You should have given staff a chance. Very disappointed.

His response

Actually staff indicated they could not have a detailed analysis identifying all cost in ten days. All the others took over six weeks. We would still have a significant financial gap with nothing in writing indicating who will Cover it. The saga has torn this community it is time to get off the bus. The Tiger cats have not shown to be a true partner in making adequate financial commitment that would of assisted in the site location process.


i just got back from hand delivering a lengthy letter to my own councillor (scott duvall) at city hall, expressing much disappointment, frustration and bewilderment at his refusal to even want to have the information needed to make a decision, and to remind him of the need to change his mind — or come up with another solution — by the time that vote is ratified.
I am not expecting a reply, because when i emailed him in august (along with mayor fred) i wasn't graced with a response.

........e-mailed mine to all relevant parties 8)

I sent a rather long winded email to all parties. The only person who responded rather quickly was Sam Merulla. I reminded him that he was the actual pilot of the plane that crashed regarding the Pan Am stadium debate. It's very sad that these #$#@ think they are actually doing a great job for the constituents of Hamilton. What a gas bag.

If City Council had assessed ALL possible sites, including CP at the beginning instead of discarding it out of hand, we wouldn’t be talking about how much time is left to do a re-assessment.

I see what you’re saying…but…the first choice for the stadium location (ratified by council 7 times) dates back long before the current Pan Am bid. It’s not as though this whole thing crept up on all parties involved.

It is also VERY clear that no party in this whole mess has clean hands. Except the fans, that is.

City staff has always recommended that the West Harbour is not an option for a stadium …see: Setting Sail…funny how that fact is always ignored eh?..but now Bob Young is the villain for not wanting to go to West Harbour?..give me a freaking break already !..Hamilton City Council is a bloody disgrace !

ps: I’m not yelling at you DavidC.I’m just using your post to rant :wink:

Staff have never recommended planting the stadium at CP either. Bob’s no villain, I’ve never said anything like that. This whole mess stinks of self-interest-everyone’s self interest.

It’s all good. :slight_smile:

Major reno/refit to IWS is looking very likely.


I am not 100 % sure if this has been brought up before. In any event I suggest everyone read the Bill Kelly's blog on 900 CHML. Apparently there is 160 millions reasons why the stadium should be built at Conferderation Park. If this is true - the city council should resign (the moronic nine as I like to call them) Stuck on Stupid is not an option Hamilton?

Here is a link to the blog referred to above:

[url=] ... D=10184172[/url]

and for those too lazy to click on the link:

Lay This At City Council's Feet
Posted 12/23/2010 6:50:00 AM

Two things stick out for me from the totally absurd debate that occurred yesterday about the Pan Am Stadium.

Councilor Judi Partridge stated that Hamilton is such a wonderful place to invest, that private sector money will flow into Hamilton and build a new stadium for us.

She might be forgiven for her Pollyanna-like attitude because she’s new to Council, but if she’d done her homework , she’d know that structures like this don’t get done without government assistance.

But, more troubling were the comments of Councilor Terry Whitehead.

His statement that there isn’t enough time to do a proper evaluation of Confederation Park is laughable.

That study should have been done two years ago, but Whitehead was among the Councilors who voted to take that site off the list .

It seems that Whitehead is among the group of Councilors who don’t want the facts to interfere with their decision.

Whitehead also continued his vilification of Tiger Cat owner Bob Young.

He suggested that Young isn’t being honest about the teams financial concerns about West Harbour.

What an insult to someone who has spent millions of his own money to keep a 141 year old business alive in this city.

And Whitehead’s assertion that there are other buyers out there for the Tiger Cats, begs the question, why does he continue to seek out buyers for a privately owned team that is not for sale ?

Nobody’s buying the lame excuses.

City Council chose to bargain in bad faith with the football team and they chose to manipulate the site selection process.

The fact that the entire process has imploded is due to the self-serving and incompetent behavior of City Council.

How shameful .

Posted By: Bill Kelly

There Is Only One Choice Really
Posted 12/22/2010 6:43:00 AM

Here’s what you need to know as City Council takes one last shot at getting a brand new stadium.

The money is ‘ on the table’ for a stadium at Confederation Park.

Sources tell CHML that there is approximately $160 million of private and public money available for stadium construction at Confederation Park.

Plus, the Ontario government will construct a GO Train station at Confederation Park as part of the all day service right through to Niagara.

That means that building the stadium would have absolutely no impact on Hamilton taxpayers.

None of that happens unless Hamilton commits to the Confederation Park site.

If Council continues to protect the special interests of one of their Councilors and turns their back on Confederation Park, the money is gone, and the stadium is gone.

Let’s not forget that the City’s own report on Ivor Wynne stadium states that it would cost ...

What sources ? If Bill Kelly has sources, then NAME them. What hogwash.