Voice your opinion on today's terrible decision !!!!

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Mayor Bob Bratina 905-46-2416

2 Jason Farr 905-546-2702

4 Sam Merulla 905-546-2716

6 Tom jackson 905-546-2706

8 Terry Whitehead 905-546-2703

10 Maria Pearson 905-546-4513

12 Lloyd Ferguson 905-546-2714

14 Robert Pasuta 905-546-2713


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I will. To congratulate them on a difficult decision made with thought and consideration.

It saddens me to say this but Hamilton doesn't deserve the Tiger Cats or Bob Young. It has too many leftwing lunatics who think there's a pot of gold somewhere to cure all their causes while their self glorified sense of entitlement demands a comfortable lifestyle for themselves at the expense of others.

My councillor is an a$$hole who didn't reply to my last email. Why should I give him a second chance to ignore me? :roll:

Besides the second line of my signature says it all.... :oops:

I'm currently looking at real estate in Grimsby (Niagara Region) to leave these losers behind. My only complaint is that I work in Burlington so I will have to drive on the QEW, through Hamilton, every day to get to work. :thdn:

Am I bitter? -yes.
Am I angry? - yes.

Very true and very SAD !

This is a SAD day for Hamilton ! :thdn:

Have a great x-mas city councillors :thdn:

With thought and consideration??????

This vote was to see if getting INFORMATION on the proposed site wouldbe granted.. they neither thought nor considered a damn thing...some people are just as clueless as our nut job city council!!

I sat with complete and utter amazement, watching the comments this morning that were part of the Spectator's live coverage of the meeting.

Time and time again, people were accusing Bob of holding the city hostage. There were accusations, conspiracy theories galore, when all Bob really wants is to create a financially stable franchise, so that when he in turn sells the team, we won't have to revert back to pathetic "save the Cats" campaigns.

People are completely delusional in thinking that the city is subsidising the team, which has proven to be a load of baloney.

As for the "greenies", Conferation Park is not a treasured greenspace, but again, let's poo poo the idea of a stadium, "just because".

So as it stands, it appears that we've lost out on a fortune is government money as Hostco has stated that they do not want to refurb Ivor Wynne.

Bye bye government funds, private investment, future Grey Cups, a semi-pro soccer team, an amphitheatre for the west harbour, etc.

Take the team and go elsewhere Bob, where your efforts will be appreciated.

perhaps these people need to get a visit from their friendly neighbourhood manure truck with an early Christmas present to go along with their "brilliant" decision :twisted:

You for example. There was no conceivable way staff could assess the site and report back within the current time line.

I sent an email to my councillor Tom Jackson thanking him for his support to have at least looked at Confed Park despite the very tight timeframe. Sure, maybe improbable to get the information ready in time to see if CP would be a valid site but we all work on deadlines and who knows. Now we'll never know, sort of like leaving a putt short.

Yes David, I don't get why people wouldn't have voted yes to this, as you say it wasn't to say that CP would be the new site. :roll:

Once again... the assessment could have been DONE by Jan 14th

Contacting my City Councillor would be a complete waste of time for me, since my Councillor happens to be one that I would not be able to talk to without using extremely vulgar profanity... Chad Collins. I am completely ashamed to have Collins as my Councillor. I will never contact him for any reason. If I have a City issue, I will simply find someone else to help me or give me advice. I did not vote for Collins, but unfortunately, a bunch of ill-informed people in my Ward did. I also don't like how the comments that are appearing in the Spectator blogs are saying that this whole thing will be viewed as Bob Bratina's first major failure. I can't agree with that. I'm convinced that Bratina did all that he could do within his power to make this happen. He called the emergency meeting and put forth the motion for an evaluation of Confederation Park. Other than that, Bratina is only one vote. He was basically cleaning up Fred Eisenberger's mess. There are other comments on the Spec blogs that suggest that this vote will give City Council some leverage in being able to negotiate (or more aptly "strongarm") the Ticats into accepting terms for the West Harbour. That is absolutely insane! Both HostCo and the Ticats have said that the West Harbour is a dead idea, and I agree with that. I also agree with Scott Mitchell that it would be a crazy idea to spend about $90 million to renovate Ivor Wynne Stadium. Where does this all leave us now? I don't really know, but I certainly hope that it doesn't ultimately lead to the Ticats leaving Hamilton. However, I wouldn't blame Bob Young if he should decide to do that. The blame falls squarely on Chad Collins and all of his supporters. As long as I live, I will never forgive Chad Collins for what he has done (in removing Confederation Park from the original site list).

as I said I have no city of Hamilton and it's City Hall

I'll be glad when ticats leave to move to Burlington or Milton.

This was the email I sent to all council this morning. ( i realize now the the $100 million is only $60)

Subject: Unanimously say YES!
Respected Ladies and Gentlemen of Hamilton council,

Today, as a team representing the citizens of Hamilton, this new council will make one of your first significant decisions which will shape our wonderful city. There would be no better way but to unanimously vote YES to consider Confederation Park for the new Pan Am stadium and future home of the Tiger cats. What better way to instill confidence in all citizens that this council is different and is ready to move forward to re-build this city. Also, I would like to highlight the word consider. You are not voting to put the stadium in this location but to only review the option. Failure to do so will likely lose $100 million in funding from upper levels of government. A no vote to consider Confederation Park is simply not doing proper due diligence in the matter. A no vote is also likely saying goodbye to the Hamilton Tiger cats, the CFL hall of fame, future Grey Cups and a possible soccer franchise. Please don’t just vote YES, do it unanimously.


I only received an email back from Judy Partridge saying "Thanks very much for your comments with regards to the location of the Pan Am Stadium. As you know, Council is meeting over this issue and I am hopeful that the end result will be of the utmost benefit to the people of Hamilton."

If I am Bob, I am making a play for the $66 million to build a stadium outside of Hamilton. You can bet other communities will be looking to do this in hopes of moving the team to there location.

Since the GC I haven't been on the site all that much,but I was shocked to hear about what happened with your city council. Are any of them business owners? Last I heard it sounded like you guys had a viable plan (read here Federal money for a stadium) and that will all disappear along with the team potentially? WOW!

My email to Bob the Mayor

Hello Mr Mayor.

I am extremely dissapointed in the inability of the city council to not be able to see what their terrible decision making is doing to this city. We are on the verge of losing one of the only positive things we have in this city. Our identity and our Hamilton Tiger Cats.

Some of your councillors and there personal agenda's have made Hamilton look like a joke. I know you have only been Mayor for a short time but even you have been inconsistent. You supported a bad site in the west harbour. I do applaud you on your support of the Confederation Park site but once again this cities decison makers have ruined any chance of this city moving forward.

I have no confidence in this local government. How could it take until now to discover that the CP site was too expensive? How could we as a city not have explored all potential sites long before now? How can this city show such disrespect to a owner like Bob Young who came here and supported our city, saved OUR team and pledged to invest in the redevelopment the lands aroung the CP site and West Harbour? A man who bought the Jarvis St building and set up shop.

Bob is a business man. Would this city treat another potential business this way? I think yes because for the last while the same self serving politicians have been looking after themselves instead of whats good for Hamilton.

Hamiltonian, Tiger Cat Fan and season ticket holder

No they are not business owners, but even worse: career politicians. Some of these folks have been at the trough for over 20 years. But we keep electing them, so I guess that says a lot about us, too.