email notifications

The email notifications I have gotten since 2006 when I joined have suddenly stopped 100% for some odd reason. Anyone else?

To clarify I mean the emails that get sent to you whenever there is a reply in a thread you have posted in or started yourself. I have all the proper settings turned on yet no emails when people reply any longer.

Just putting it out there to see if anyone else has this issue and see if the mods have any ideas.


Like it says in my original post I have all the proper settings on. It helps if you read posts before you reply.

Once again.. it is on. Not sure how that still isn't clear. I am very computer literate as I make my living as a software developer. This is why I bothered making a thread about it because I have done everything right and it isn't working.

Asking someone to read a post before they reply is certainly not hostile. It's obvious and sensible.

Asked, and answered, from what I can tell.

Slightly off-topic, but does anyone know if there is a way to change the email address associated with a username? I switched services a few months back, and with it came a new email address. I'd like to get notifications, at least of private messages, but until I can get the address switched, they're going to my old (defunct) address.

I asked that same email question of the mods as well. They were not sure and had to ask the site webmaster. I have combed through every single preference at least 10 times. Nothing.


I am getting them from the main forum now but not from ie. I only get them if someone replies while logged in to rather than

Some strange bug indeed. Even the mod I spoke to was stumped.

Just for kicks, maybe try logging on to the CFL forum and turning off notifications there, then logoff and logon to the Ticats forum and turn notifications back on. It's possible that there actually is a separate indicator that needs to be reset on the Ticats forum for notifications to occur. Worth a shot? (If you haven't tried this already, of course. :wink: )

Suddenly now it's all working perfectly again. I guess the webmaster caught the issue and resolved it.

All is well in the email notification world again. I rely on those emails because I am always so busy that I wait to check back till I see there is actually a reply rather than looking manually.

Good news. Now if they could just add a way to change email addresses....