Email from Boulay to,,,,Well Herb...

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First I'd like to apologize for not answering your requests since Thursday. The last few days have been extremely busy. However, I am now back in Montreal. At first, I thought I only had 2 days to receive an offer from a different NFL team. According to my agents (CCSI representatives), who spoke with both NFL and CFL executives, I am in fact allowed 10 days. If I have not received an offer after 10 days, I will be back with the Montreal Alouettes to play out my option year. I will take the next few days with my family and close ones to discuss my future and weigh out my options. I will be available to answer your questions early afternoon Monday at Centre Claude Robillard. I will send another e-mail Monday morning to confirm the exact time and location. Thank you.

You should read Herb's following comments/blog where he writes that" Boulay's agent are wrong". We are always well informed by Herb. Without him there would not be too many news regarding the Als.

According to Herb,after July 4 a player has a period of 24 hours to be claimed and not 48 as Boulay's agents said; since he was not claimed during this 24 hours period, he is presently a free agent with regards to the NFL.

He should "piler sur son orgueil" and report to the Als, since it's his only option for this year, as far as I am concerned.


I dont know which of them are right....Herb or the Agents but my money is on the agents.
Knowing the rules is who the agents make a living.
I have also heard from numerous sportscasters who's report sides with the agent.