Email city council TODAY!

My letter i just sent!!

Thanks to all the ruined it for the city! As we now know the Cats will be leaving Hamilton!
Shame on ALL of you that didnt support Bob Young's BUSINESS wisdom! It was he that was willing to compermise and spent millions out of HIS OWN pocket! Its real easy for you to spend our TAX dollars as its not your personal monies! I hope your all happy now, and i can ganertee you will not have my vote come election time!

If this turns out to be true when the dust settles tomorrow then everyone who voted for West Harbor and especially the Mayor should be voted out in the next election.
What a legacy it would be for a city council... the ones who lost the Tiger-Cats!
It's Bob's wallet that saved the TiCats from extinction seven years ago. It's Bob's wallet that has been losing money on the team ever since. No one can lose money forever. Not a business or individual. Mayor Fred isn't losing any money and none of this stadium money is his own. Not only did Bob compromise on the East Mountain site, he then came up with a proposal for West Harbour. Mayor Fred didn't move one inch
Bob's preference is Confederation Park.
Fred's preference is West Harbour.
The mediator said East Mountain can work.
Bob agreed.
Fred didn't.
Enjoy your empty WH stadium Fred, if it's built at all!

Discusted Hamilton resident
Bruce Inch!!



He is responsible for our money. the city's money. From what is known, EM is not worth it.

Not only did Bob compromise on the East Mountain site, he then came up with a proposal for West Harbour. Mayor Fred didn't move one inch
A comprimise that would cost us more by tens of millions? How much of a tax increase are you willing to pay that can go to the Tiger-Cats? (presuming you pay taxes in Hamilton)

As I've been saying all along, all this may prove is that the Tiger-Cats are not viable in Hamilton. Hamilton has not supported them enough.

Agree Captain, I honestly don't think Hamilton is the place for the TigerCats, not enough people to pay enough high prices for this team. Too many people here used to $20.00 buck tickets or so in the declining city of Buffalo that is too close for comfort. Hamilton just ain't got it anymore, wonder why the NFL would love to move the Bills with some of the lowest prices for tickets in the NFL, it's a declining city as I say. Hamilton is along the same lines, the old manufacturing base is going and the new informatics base isn't always into sports type of thing.

And Hamilton is a great city - but boring compared with QC.

Rather than cc'ing anyone with my email, here it is (edited to remove any personal identifiers of yours truly):

[b]Dear Mr. Duvall.

As a 54 year old resident of Hamilton, and Ward 7, I am extremely
concerned with reports in the media tonight about the possibility of the
one professional sports team I feel very passionate about leaving
Hamilton. I urge you sir, and through you, all of your colleagues on City
Council, to weigh heavily what it would mean for Hamilton to be without
the Tiger Cats.

The Tiger Cats are arguably the very first thing that many Canadians
outside of Hamilton think of when they think of what Hamilton is all
about. To lose them would be the final nail in this city's coffin.
Whatever must be done to ensure their long term health should be a concern
of all City Councillors. Again, arguably, this whole Pan Am Stadium
location debate has sullied our fair City's reputation country-wide.

I plan to be in attendance at tomorrow's council meeting and hope that my
pessimistic outlook will be shown to be incorrect.

Yours truly,


I just emailed them. Thanks for providing all the email addresses. I’m in full support of the East Mountain site.

Probably shoulda used spell-check there, sailor! And/or made it shorter.

As mentioned in the other thread, I have also emailed them and instructed them to shelve their principles and rational thought for the time being -- and save the team from further self-destruction.

Nobody is perfect bud! But my message is understood! Spelling mistakes or not!

I e-mailed Fred on Saturday suggesting that the compromise East Mountain Site is the only way to save the stadium funding. Like many other Hamiltonians,I believe Fred,Sam Merrula and Margaret McCarthy will find a way to mess this up and give Toronto the Pan Am Stadium. I'll remember come the fall election but sadly it will be too late for the stadium.

Pat Lynch( :x :x :x :x :x old guy in section 7)