I am concerned about the offensive game plan for todays game. I say this after reading a article where acting OC Danny M says that short passes mixed with Reid running is going to get the job done. Maybe it will be a great plan??? I am only worried because he suggested we where going to stay away from the deep throws, this is a change in thinking unless I am reading too much into it?

He said we cant just go out there and throw deep balls, he made a point of saying this, and he made a point of saying short passes with Reid running. I am not a believer in running the ball every other play! Over the season it has only happened a couple times when Bombers ran over people, over the season we have just wasted down after down, putting us in 2nd and long more often than not. Yes, a game plan where Reid rushes for 70-100 yards would be just fine, I am for that, but you need to pass atleast 60 % of the time, I say 70 + % is the way to go in the passing dept.

Bombers need to come out passing! The majority of the wins came via the air, especially in the last 6 games that got us this far. Going conservative at this point is a huge mistake IMHO. Also having the HC tell the papers that you dont know if the good or bad Bishop will show up today, combined with the idea of going away from the deep ball, does not give your QB a vote of confidence.

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Winnipeg/2009/11/07/11669241-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 1-sun.html[/url]

So if I see Bombers come out running more than passing I will be worried!

"Goooooood Moooooorning Winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnipeg"

Does not matter what game plan you have with Mike, some days the synapses fire some days they dont.

"I love the smell of protein in the morning"

Oh Yes the excuses are all written up for the media. Bauer and Hildahl and maybe with some help with their friends (Asper ) have penned excuse 1, 2 , 3. on paper. Instead of dealing with the real problem ( Kelly ) the excuses will be flowing like beer. This is all part of controlling the message as stated by Kelly. I am not very confident in the future of this franschise. We might need to wait possibly 40 years before any cup is seen in the peg.

Bombers are only 3 wins away from playing in the Grey Cup. Its theirs for the taking, it only comes down to the play calling. Will the good OC show up today, or the bad OC ? we will soon see.

The BEST Bishop of the year has shown up so far.....!!!!

Mike will be unemplyed by tomorrow!!!

ahahahahaha they sure looked hungry today!! Bishop for MOP

The only thing the Bombers are saying... is GOOD BYE to each other.......oh.. BTW.. thanks for releasing Glenn...... BEST thing Kelly did!!


Releasing Kevin Glenn was ultimately Kelly's undoing. MK hitched his wagon to a loser (Lefors, then Bishop).
Kelly should resign or commit suicide (preferable).
We're sick of your arrogance and excuses--you just couldn't back up your talk.
FOFF & DIE :twisted:

Lots of storylines to this game, but 2 stand out to me:

  1. As exciting as he can be, Bishop has always blown the big game (07 East Final, 08 West Final [or was it semifinal?], 09 this elimination game); sorry paulpearson. Today wasn't all his fault but he was lucky there weren't 2 or 3 more picks.

  2. He wasn't stellar today, but Kevin Glenn has outplayed all 9 of our 2009 quarterbacks; sorry papazoola.

We're all disappointed apocalypse (possibly excepting housedog), but what part of "game" don't you understand?

Wasn’t his fault???
8 of 26 for 122yards… 1 TD and 2 picks… should have been 5 picks if the Cats hang onto the ball … absolutely this is BISHOPS fault… so when paulpearson aka Michael Bishop… shows back up (I doubt he does) let him know!!

I said "wasn't ALL his fault"...there were dropped balls too.

At the most 5 dropped passes.. they catch those.. he is STILL 13 of 26.. still not good enough in a game THIS important!!!

Bishop is a big game choker..

Our offense, like our jerseys, were retro this year. That's on Kelly.
Kelly drove Kevin Glenn out of town and hitched his wagon to a loser--Lefors and then reached for a lifeline in Bishop, who turned out to be a millstone that dragged down this team.

It may have been the Ticats in the boat today, but it is the Bombers who are up Sh!t's creek without a paddle.
We're screwed if things stay the way they are in the coaching/front office.

Somebody get a rope. :twisted:

That's what I said too...can't we agree to agree? :?

We can..... I concur!...lol